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A Furry Who Dunnit!

A Furry Who Dunnit!

'Where the Bears Are' is much-beloved comedy-mystery series, which ran for seven seasons. The creators and writers Rick Copp and Ben Zook star together with Joe Dietl.

Described by the creators as a cross between 'The Golden Girls' and 'Murder, She Wrote', the series focuses on Nelson (Zook), Wood (Dietl) and Reggie (Copp), three gay, bear friends sharing a house in the Silver Lake neighborhood who, in each season, are drawn into a different murder investigation which plays out as a season-long story arc. All seven seasons are available to stream now!

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A Furry Who Dunnit!
  • Where The Bears Are

    This wildly popular comedy-mystery web series follows the exploit of three gay bear roommates living together in Los Angeles – as they attempt to solve the murder of a party guest that turns up dead in their bathtub.

  • Where The Bears Are 2

    In the second season of this hysterically funny smash hit gay series, our favorite investigative bears find themselves caught up in a murder investigation when a former college friend and city council candidate turns up dead at his campaign lunch party.

  • Where The Bears Are 3

    The suspense becomes almost unbearable when our favorite group of furry gay amateur detectives - Nelson, Reggie, Wood and their cute cub Hot Toddy - race to find out who is knocking off the sexy young male models at "Chunk Studios." Don't miss the action-packed third season of this hit comedy-mys...

  • Where The Bears Are 4

    Murder hits close to home when a party crasher keels over from a glass of poisoned champagne at Nelson and Todd’s wedding shower kicking off another murder investigation in the fourth feature film of this world wide hit comedy mystery series.

  • Where The Bears Are 5

    The honeymoon is definitely over for Nelson and Todd when one of the grooms vanishes without a trace only to turn up with a shocking confession! America's favorite gay bears find themselves in a dangerous world of international intrigue chasing clues that take them to the party town of Palm Sprin...

  • Where The Bears Are 6

    Nelson is framed for the murder of a rival TV star while true crime host Reggie has a romantic fling with a prince who may hide a mysterious agenda. He's also stalked by a former lover! Meanwhile, Wood and George decide to expand their brand by producing gay porn while government agent and reside...

  • Where The Bears Are 7

    The seventh installment of this hit worldwide comedy-mystery series finds our favorite gay bears in more danger than ever when they're targeted by a mysterious stalker while vacationing in sunny Palm Springs. If that wasn't enough to deal with, someone is out to sabotage the "Mr. Bear America Pag...