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BoysTown The Series

BoysTown The Series

2 Seasons

2013 - 2016 | US
Welcome to BoysTown! A modern gay episodic drama about friendship, sex and relationships exploring the everyday lives of 8 friends and lovers.

Director - Ricky Reidling

Starring - J. Hunter Ackerman, Jim Patneaude, Ricky Reidling, Albertossy Espinoza

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BoysTown The Series
  • BoysTown The Series - S2: E1

    Episode 1

    The boys are back and getting into more chaos and drama. Jake pays a surprise visit to Dave and shocked to learn of his house guest. Rick encourages Chris to stay with him instead of returning back to Chicago.

  • BoysTown The Series - S2: E2

    Episode 2

    Chaos continues to follow Chris as he embarks on a new journey. Meanwhile, Chance opens up to Dave about what happened with Ryan.

  • BoysTown The Series - S2: E3

    Episode 3

    Jake hires a maid for Ryan and gets more than he expected with a visitor from the past.

  • BoysTown The Series - S2: E4

    Episode 4

    Rick spies on Chris doing naughty things, causing him to wake up in a cold sweat. All the while Ryan gets even with Jake after an early morning prank.

  • BoysTown The Series - S2: E5

    Episode 5

    Jake visits Dave for lunch in Palm Springs delivering some unexpected news and T.J. quits his job, surprising Michael with a new business.

  • BoysTown The Series - S2: E6

    Episode 6

    Foxxy sets Michael up with a client in his office only to have T.J. arrive, putting Michael in an awkward position.

  • BoysTown The Series - S2: E7

    Episode 7

    T.J. gets angry with Michael when he discovers he is up to his old tricks again and Rick’s new beau Tim puts him on the spot when Tim confronts him about commitment.

  • BoysTown The Series- S2: E8

    Episode 8

    Chris, Nikki and Kelly get a surprise visit at the bar that will change their lives. Ryan shocks Jake with some big news while he also helps him with his situation.