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Cheat Out

Cheat Out

6 Episodes

Ever wonder what it takes to make it on the Broadway stage? Hosted by actor and photographer Josh Drake, this new six-part interview series uncovers the humans behind the Broadway characters we love as they share stories in their own words.

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Cheat Out
  • Cheat Out - S1: E1 - Alex Newell

    Episode 1

    Josh sits down with Alex Newell, star of Broadway's Once on This Island to discuss the unique career path of this gender-fluid vocal prodigy. From his beginnings on Glee, to his insistence on having casting directors see him outside the perimeters of gender, Alex explains to Josh why "all pronoun...

  • Cheat Out - S1: E2 - Javier Muñoz

    Episode 2

    Javier Muñoz--star of Hamilton and In The Heights--explains his winding path to landing the most important musical role on Broadway in the last 25 years, Alexander Hamilton. Despite financial pressures that forced him to quit the business and a HIV diagnosis that almost killed him, Javier tells J...

  • Cheat Out - S1: E3 - Isabelle McCalla

    Episode 3

    Isabelle McCalla, the star of Aladdin and The Prom, is no shrinking flower. "Izzy" sits down with Josh to tell him about her meteoric rise on Broadway and the ground-breaking lesbian kiss on a Macy's Parade float that threatened her life... but finally gave her the courage to come out.

  • Cheat Out - S1: E4 - Bradley Gibson

    Episode 4

    Bradley Gibson, Broadway's Simba, takes a long look at the trending hashtag #Broadwayisracist. From his humble beginnings as a gay, Black man in rural North Carolina to his debut in The Lion King, Bradley explains why he's hopeful for the future of Black roles on Broadway.

  • Cheat Out - S1: E5 - Adrienne Walker

    Episode 5

    As a trained opera singer, Adrianne Walker never saw herself on Broadway. But after starring in Porgy and Bess in Chicago, she decided to give it a go in New York where she quickly landed the role of Nadia in the Lion King. Embracing her irregular journey to the Great White Way, Adrianne started ...

  • Cheat Out - S1: E6 - Jason Gotay

    Episode 6

    Jason Gotay's steamy stint on HBO's Gossip Girl found him fast fame, but Jason's roots are in musical theatre. From his first role in Mean Girls, Jason shares the ups and downs of his career, including the big role he worked hard for years to land...and didn't.