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Cheetah In August

Cheetah In August

2 Seasons

2015 - | US
A former high school track athlete's distorted views on love, negatively affects the people closest to him.

Director - Anthony Bawn

Starring - Andre Myers, Judeline Charles, Rashad Davis, Brandon Moten

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Cheetah In August
  • Cheetah in August - S2: E1 - "Calling All the Monsters"

    Episode 1

    August has a new life and new job and finds out the truth about his power. Donna and Jarvis have a few family. Brennen has an urgent request after finding out a secret. Anthony's mom and brother help him with physical therapy.

  • Cheetah in August - S2: E2 - "Reunited and It Feels So Good"

    Episode 2

    August misses Thatcher and feels work pressure from Karen. Donna plays hardball. August reconnects with Anthony.

  • Cheetah in August - S2: E3 - "Without Love"

    Episode 3

    Nick and Vera don't see eye-to-eye while August and Anthony try and patch things up. August finds out about Thatcher and Jarvis meets Kris.

  • Cheetah in August - S2: E4 - "Here Comes the Boom"

    Episode 4

    Donna visits Chanel and they devise a plan. August gets disturbing news. Chuck and Corey try to figure out their relationship with August while an old face resurfaces for "Cheetah." Nick and Autumn hook up.

  • Cheetah in August - S2: E5 - "Give In"

    Episode 5

    August finds out the truth about Autumn. Chanel forces Monica to be a part of his plan. August wants something deeper. Corey and Chuck have some news. August drinks for the first time in over a year. Vera's had enough.

  • Cheetah in August - S2: E6 - "Win Some Lose Some"

    Episode 6

    August saves the day at work, but is slighted by a still-bitter Donna. August and Anthony see one another. Autumn tells Nick her secret. Chanel and Monica confront one another with the truth.

  • Cheetah in August - S2: E7 - "Chanel from Hell"

    Episode 7

    Chanel and Brennen come face-to-face and Jarvis and Kris talk about their interactions. Kris gets her moment of fame. Brandon won't let August run. Chanel visits Thatcher. Autumn finds out the truth about August's past.

  • Cheetah in August - S2: E8 - "Touchstone"

    Episode 8

    Brandon and August grow closer. Donnie develops a conscience and Nick and Autumn try and make it work. August graduates. Brennen drops some news onto August. Thatcher and Donna reconnect. Anthony finds out about Chanel.

  • Cheetah in August - S2: E9 - "Spent"

    Episode 9

    Chanel handles Donna and Monica and Monica finds out Donna's dirty not-so-little secret. Thatcher finds out that Donnie's been stepping out. Nick and Autumn hit some complications. Donna and Brennen devise a plan. Brandon has a surprise for August...and so does Anthony.

  • Cheetah in August - S2: E10 - "To A Head"

    Episode 10

    August is haunted by thoughts of Chanel while Brandon tries to keep him calm. We learn the truth about Monica's past and Donna's involvement. Chanel comes on to Thatch and August is kidnapped.