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Child of the 70's

Child of the 70's

5 Seasons

2012 - | US
'Child of the '70's' is the story of gay Italian-American Carlo Perdente who ends up working as a personal assistant to his 1970's TV idol, the neurotic and over-the-top KiKi Lawrence.

Director - Tom Pardoe, Eric Scot, Gary Lamoin, Michael Vaccaro

Starring - Michael Vaccaro, Susan Olsen, Bruce Vilanch, Judy Tenuta,

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Child of the 70's
  • Child Of The 70's - S2: E1 - "It Never Rains in Southern California"

    Episode 1

    Carlo begins his brand-new life in Los Angeles with his new roommate, the insufferable James Hunter, gets into a car accident with TV star Geri Jewell, and meets the super hot trainer, Joe Rivera.

  • Child Of The 70's - S2: E2 - "Lonely People"

    Episode 2

    Carlo and Joe further their relationship, KiKi has a nervous breakdown, and we meet the infamous Larry Lawrence.

  • Child Of The 70's - S2: E3 - "I Love You"

    Episode 3

    Carlo has an unhappy encounter with his new agent, Larry Lawrence and the owner of the agency, Nickel; Carlo & Joe's relationship gets more serious; and Carlo meets an interesting member of KiKi's family.

  • Child Of The 70's - S2: E4 - "The Bonita Triangle"

    Episode 4

    KiKi's daughter, Bonita, causes a ton of trouble for Carlo.

  • Child Of The 70's - S2: E5 - "Pop Goes the Question"

    Episode 5

    Carlo & Joe have a huge fight; Larry and Geri help Carlo smooth everything over with KiKi; and Joe asks Carlo a very serious question, which could change his life forever.

  • Child Of The 70's - S2: E6 - "The Wedding"

    Episode 6

    Carlo gets ready for the big day, as his obnoxious Italian mother arrives from NYC, and chaos ensues!

  • Child Of The 70's - S2: E7 - "The Wedding Part 2"

    Episode 7

    In the exciting season 2 finale, Carlo tries to make it to his own wedding, James Hunter fears for his life after Anna threatens to kill him, Bonita and Alfonso continue to make fools out of themselves, Nickel and Siobhan have a surprise announcement, and Joe gets the surprise of his life, in the...