• Downriver
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    2015 | Australia
    In this taut Australian crime thriller, 18-year-old James has been released from juvenile detention after serving time for a crime he may not have committed. His small town has not forgotten his past and reintegrating into polite society proves more difficult than he imagined.

  • Sleeping Giant
    Movie + 1 extra

    Sleeping Giant

    Movie + 1 extra

    2015 | Canada
    While spending the summer in cottage country on the shores of Lake Superior, three teens cope with boredom by testing the limits of their experience.

    Director - Andrew Cividino

    Starring - Jackson Martin, Nick Serino, Katelyn McKerracher, Reece Moffett

  • Come Undone


    2000 | France
    Eighteen-year-old Mathieu vacations at the beach with his family when he meets local teen Cédric. After an extremely erotic kiss, the boys begin a passionate romance, complete with skinny-dipping at night, nude dancing on the beach and intense lovemaking in the dunes; yet, as Mathi...

  • About Us
    Movie + 1 extra

    About Us

    Movie + 1 extra

    2017 | Brazil
    Diego is leaving his hometown and must leave behind everything he has ever loved including Matheus, a handsome young man. Ten years later, back in Brazil, Diego decides to write a novel about their relationship using his camera instead of his pen. This heartfelt biopic shows how pa...

  • Sasha
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    2010 | Germany
    A young gay pianist, Sasha, confronted with the everyday prejudice of his homophobic immigrant family, struggles with his urge to come out. (subtitled)

    Director - Dennis Todorovic

    Starring - Sasa Kekez, Predrag Bjelac, Ljubisa Gruicic, Zeljka Preksavec

  • For a Lost Soldier


    1992 | Netherlands
    Set in The Netherlands at the end of WW II, this touching story, told in flashbacks, explores the complex and romantic relationship between an adult soldier and a displaced, lonely adolescent boy. (subtitled)

    Director - Roeland Kerbosch

    Starring - Maarten Smit, Andrew Ke...

  • French Kisses
    Movie + 1 extra

    French Kisses

    Movie + 1 extra

    2017 | France
    Get seduced by the best short films from France in this exquisite new collection. Featuring six different short films, French Kisses is packed to the brim with sexy young actors in romantic stories that are bound to make you swoon. (subtitled)

    Director - Francisco Bianchi, Remi ...

  • Danny the Manny

    1 season

    2016 | US
    Danny is a babysitter struggling to balance his lives as a gay man dating in his twenties, an actor auditioning in Hollywood, and a babysitter looking after a surly six year-old named Quinn. When he discovers Quinn has a penchant for cross-dressing, Danny resolves to uncover the truth ...

  • The Daydreamer's Notebook

    Movie + 1 extra

    2017 | US
    From director Michael J. Saul, the prolific filmmaker behind 'The Surface', 'True Love' and 'Go Go Reject' comes an anthology of seven short, experimental works. These visually inventive short films reflect the filmmaker’s obsession with daydreaming in the work he’s created over the pa...

  • Furious Desires
    Movie + 1 extra

    Furious Desires

    Movie + 1 extra

    2017 | Spain
    An apartment renter lusts after his doorman, a father comes to realize that his son is attracted to other boys, two horny men find themselves literally just beyond one another’s reach, a guy declares his attraction to his best friend and two young lovers go to great length to prove ...

  • If You Could Only Be You
    Movie + 1 extra

    If You Could Only Be You

    Movie + 1 extra

    2015 | US
    A coming-of-age story that identifies the relationship between a father and son who are both at crossroads with their true identities.

    Director - Jared Kahn

    Starring - Jared Kahn, Robert Seeley, Caroline Redekopp, Phillip Pruitt

  • Center of My World
    Movie + 1 extra

    Center of My World

    Movie + 1 extra

    2016 | Germany
    A heartwarming coming-of-age romance, Center of My World follows Phil, a gay teen looking for excuses to avoid his quirky family. When he sets his sites on Nicholas, the mysterious new kid at school, he finds the perfect new distraction. Smitten, Phil watched Nicholas run track af...

  • Teenage Kicks
    Movie + 1 extra

    Teenage Kicks

    Movie + 1 extra

    2016 | Australia
    Seventeen year old Miklós Varga's plans to escape his migrant family and run away with his best friend Dan are crushed by the accidental death of his older brother Tomi. Only Mik knows the events that led to this tragedy, and he is suddenly forced to navigate his guilt and explo...

  • Floating



    1997 | US
    Norman Reedus ('The Walking Dead') stars as Van, a troubled teen in a small lakeside community who forms a friendship with Doug (Chad Lowe), the new kid in town. As Doug’s sexuality soon becomes apparent, Van struggles to accept his new pal’s differences, all while dealing with an embi...

  • Waterberry Tears
    Movie + 1 extra

    Waterberry Tears

    Movie + 1 extra

    2010 | US
    An intimate coming-of-age story, 'Waterberry Tears' follows Goyo (Raul Rodriguez), a gay teen in a Mexican immigrant family who lives among the migrant farmers of California's Coachella Valley.

    Director - Adrian Aldaz

    Starring - Raul Rodriguez, Juan Loaiza, Daniel Lugo, Mayra Gil

  • Making It Big
    1 season

    Making It Big

    1 season

    2017 | Ireland
    ‘Making It Big’ is a reality series that follows the lives of seven friends, each with a unique connec-tion to the LGBTQ+ community, living abroad in Barcelona. While attempting to establish their ca-reers in a foreign land, their struggles coming of age and coming out in Ireland ...

  • Twenties: The Series

    1 season

    2014 | US
    Three guys with vastly different personalities move in together and try to overcome the anxieties, pressures, and heartbreaks of the twenties.

    Director - Sean Willis

    Starring - Chris Lamica, Russell Nauman, Michael Huntsman, Dana Buchanan

  • Eating Out: All You Can Eat

    Movie + 1 extra

    2009 | US
    The third installment of the hilarious and sexy 'Eating Out' trilogy! Casey tries to get closer to Zack using a phony online profile with a picture of his friend Tiffani’s buff ex-boyfriend, Ryan...which works fine until the real Ryan shows up. Casey needs to figure out how to set thin...

  • Animals



    2012 | Spain
    A Spanish teenager is forced to abandon the safety of childhood (and his walking, talking teddy bear) for the troubling world of adulthood, sexuality and responsibility in this wildly original story. (subtitled)

    Director - Marçal Forés

    Starring - Oriol Pla, Augustus Prew, Dimi...

  • Josh



    2015 | Canada
    Joshua, an Amish teenager, visits the city for the first time. There, he learns more about his sexuality and searches for the boy of his dreams.

    Director - Miles McCraw

    Starring - Tony Babcock, Eliza Hunt, Shawn Lall, Mike Stechyson

  • One Kiss
    Movie + 1 extra

    One Kiss

    Movie + 1 extra

    2016 | Italy
    In a small Northern Italian town, a friendship is formed between three teenage outsiders - an athlete with a speech impediment, a colorful gay foster kid and a girl trying to live down her past - until an unwelcome revelation tests their bond. (subtitled)

    Director - Ivan Cotroneo...

  • Concrete Night
    Movie + 1 extra

    Concrete Night

    Movie + 1 extra

    2013 | Finland
    A stunning, dream-like odyssey through a beautiful and otherworldly Helsinki over the course of one evening, 'Concrete Night' follows the impressionable 14-year-old Simo as he keeps his soon-to-be incarcerated brother company. The official Finnish submission to the Academy Awards®...

  • Were The World Mine
    Movie + 1 extra

    Were The World Mine

    Movie + 1 extra

    2008 | US
    A bullied and demoralized gay student at an all-boys school uses a magical flower derived from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream' to turn many in his community gay, including a comely rugby player for himself.

    Director - Thomas Gustafson

    Starring - Tanner Cohen, Wendy Robi...

  • Blokes
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    2010 | Chile
    Chile, 1986. Young Luchito masturbates while watching Manuel, his 16-year-old neighbor, from his window. As Manuel discovers his sexuality, Luchito’s window turns into an erotic cinematographic world that awakens a curiosity in Luchito, with disastrous repercussions for Manuel. (sub...