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5 Episodes

2018 | US
An African American gay couple invites a handsome young man home with them turning their lives upside down.

Director - Robert Adams, Anthony Bawn

Starring - Anthony Bawn, Alexandria McGaughey, Albert Minero Jr., Robert Love

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  • Conframa - S1: E3 - "Leather Shorts"

    Episode 3

    Chase moves in with Angel and Bretton, which has Bretton re-thinking his decision. Keisha expresses her concern how involved they have gotten with Chase. Derricks begins to become suspicious about Chase's actives while he is gone and takes a action to make sure Chase does not cross him again.

  • Conframa - S1: E2 - "Damn, Damn, Damn"

    Episode 2

    Angel and Bretton for the past few weeks have been trying to understand their new discovered feelings regarding their 3rd lover. Things seem to be getting on track until Chase ends up battered with no explanation.

  • Conframa - S1: E1 - "Girls With a Dream"

    Episode 1

    When a love triangle becomes more than just a one-night stand.

  • Conframa - S1: E5 - "White Cuisine"

    Episode 5

    After a health conversation and time apart Angel and Bretton allow time to reestablish their trust with each other, Keisha expresses her disposition for white people, while Chase and Ashlee find themselves in a dyer situation that leaves that disabled.

  • Conframa - S1: E4 - "Tri-Ation"

    Episode 4

    After a heated argument Angel and Bretton find a way to get back on good terms with each other but fail to address the major issue with Chase which leaves them trying the three way one more time.