Earth is Round

Earth is Round

6 Episodes

Vincent is looking for a partner with whom he can share his life. When he meets Julien online, he thinks he might have finally found his match. The two soon set a date to meet in the park, but things don't go exactly as Vincent had planned.

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Earth is Round
  • Earth is Round - S1: E1

    Episode 1

    Vincent plans to meet a man, who he hasn't met before. He has only seen him on Instagram. He sits on the bench and waits, only to be joined by a man looking for a lighter.

  • Earth is Round - S1: E2

    Episode 2

    Julien is distracted in a dance rehearsal and voices his feelings to his dance partner Manue (about how he was meet to meet someone but bailed).

  • Earth is Round - S1: E3

    Episode 3

    Vincent tries to deliver pizza to a woman who’s in a rush to get out the door, while waiting he notices something in the house.

  • Earth is Round - S1: E4

    Episode 4

    Vincent helps his neighbor with the wi-fi. They discuss the man from Instagram and they hatch a plan.

  • Earth is Round - S1: E5

    Episode 5

    Vincent follows through with the plan, with an unexpected outcome.

  • Earth is Round - S1: E6

    Episode 6

    Julien wakes up from a dream and orders a pizza. He is met with a surprise when he opens the door.