7 Episodes

After experiencing his first encounter with heartbreak, Damien dives into college life. He stumbles around campus doing his best to keep his eyes glued to his books and off of shirtless jocks, frat-boys, and handsome intellectuals. But Damien's level of discipline may prove to be no match for a manipulative college senior who threatens to establish a degrading reputation for the freshmen.

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  • H.I.M. - S1: E1 - "Back in the day"

    Episode 1

    Damien is back and starting his freshman year. But Damien is doing things different this time around. After experiencing his first heart break - his mind is no longer focused on Vincent. It's now all about getting good grades but some early obstacles threaten to make settling into college on his ...

  • H.I.M. - S1: E2 - "New Start"

    Episode 2

    It's time to travel back then once again as we learn a bit more about Shane. Damien himself ends up learning more about the self proclaimed coolest senior on campus as Shane removes his mask revealing another side of himself to the freshman.

  • H.I.M. - S1: E3 - "Same Old Shit"

    Episode 3

    Everybody in college is mature, right? They're beyond that high school drama, right? Damien, not so much - meet Shane. The real Shane. He wasn't so caring after all. And right now Damien needs a lot of care in his life after learning about a critical error that can corrupt his college experience....

  • H.I.M. - S1: E4 - "Freshman Funk"

    Episode 4

    It wasn't a dream Damien - your favorite cousin is back. Kendall has found a new outlook on life but that doesn't mean his past has been left behind. Before he can move forward he must right a wrong from his past. And after receiving some advice from a hunky football player Max, Damien puts on so...

  • H.I.M. - S1: E5 - "College Agenda"

    Episode 5

    We find ourselves going back then to learn what happened when Tristian took that dive we all must face one day - coming out. And then we jump forward as for the first time in weeks Kendall finds himself face to face with Tristian; both having plenty of catching up to do.

  • H.I.M. - S1: E6 - "V-Day"

    Episode 6

    It's V-Day on H.I.M - actually it isn't but it feels like it. Everybody seems to have something going on with a special guy in their life. Yes - even Monica. Let's just say...banana pudding anybody? And Kendall and Tristian aren't the only ones all over each other - but Damien is learning a lot a...

  • H.I.M. - S1: E7 - "Birthday Poker"

    Episode 7

    This day is all about him...happy birthday, Damien. And what better way to spend a birthday than with friends. Actually, a pair of friends - Max and Shane. But the freshman won't settle for that guest list - he also decides to invite Kendall to the party. The more the merrier right? Because Trist...