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3 Seasons

2016 - 2019 | US
'History' follows Jamie, a thirty-something gay New York lawyer, in the days after a messy breakup with his partner of five years, Jared. Through flashbacks, the audience watches Jamie’s evolution—or lack thereof—on issues of intimacy, sex, gender role conformity and friendships as he rebuilds his life on his own terms.

Director - Jack Tracy

Starring - Jack Tracy, William Cohen, Carissa Fales, Rob Maitner

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  • History - S2: E2 - "Worth It"

    Episode 2

    Despite his recent reuniting with Collin, Jamie finds himself courted by Stephen, whose confession forces Jamie to overcome a long held fear.

  • History - S1: E1 - "Void"

    Episode 1

    Jamie jumps right out of a five year relationship into the arms of Joshua. Long time friends Bianca and Catherine grow concerned.

  • History - S1: E2 - "Apartment 8"

    Episode 2

    Jamie throws himself back into the dating world, while also calling on an old hookup. But the emotional impact of the recent breakup forces him to understand his impulse to engage in no strings sex.

  • History - S1: E3 - "The Bad Guy"

    Episode 3

    Jamie starts new friendships, meeting Matthew and Gio at a Pride party, and steers his relationship with William to friendship. But when Jamie meets Matthew's friend circle, he finds Brian's treatment of his boyfriend disgusting, yet familiar.

  • History - S1: E4 - "Saying Yes"

    Episode 4

    Jamie skirts William's questions about his old friend group and apartment move. After William explains his view of friendships, Jamie makes a choice.

  • History - S1: E5 - "Masc Only"

    Episode 5

    Jamie brings William and Matthew to Ted's RuPaul's Drag Race viewing party. In the midst of Jamie's struggle over whether he can be the "top" in a relationship, William's Grindr profile hits a sore spot.

  • History - S1: E6 - "Letting Go"

    Episode 6

    When Jamie and Jared end up on the same train, Jamie seeks advice from his friends on what to do, and answers to why he's still so angry.

  • History - S1: BTS - "What Drew You To History?"

    The principal cast of History discusses what about the project inspired them to volunteer their time and talents.

  • History - S1: BTS - "Take Aways"

    The cast of History shares what they hope audiences take from this deeply personal project.

  • History - S1: BTS - "Take It All Away"

    In a behind the scenes rehearsal, series creator Jack Tracy (Jamie) sings the original song "Take It All Away." An edited mastered version appears in episode 1, "Void", performed by Rob Maitner (vocals/Gio) and Clint Edwards (piano).