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3 Seasons

A series about learning from your past and finding your tribe.

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  • History - S2: E1 - "Boyfriend Needs"

    Episode 1

    One year later, Jamie rekindles his relationship with Collin and attempts to smooth over recent stress in his friendship with William. William and Matthew both reveal new love interests to the group.

  • History - S2: E2 - "Worth It"

    Despite his recent reuniting with Collin, Jamie finds himself courted by Stephen, whose confession forces Jamie to overcome a long held fear.

  • History - S2: E3 - "You and Me"

    Episode 3

    Jamie grows increasingly irritated with Kyle and the gay community's obsession with social media, in general. Collin and Stephen confess their feelings.

  • History - S2: E4 - "Just A Fuck"

    Episode 4

    William urges Jamie to make a call between Collin and Stephen, just before their own friendship crumbles.

  • History - S2: E5 - "Friendiversary"

    Episode 5

    When Jamie pokes his head up from his romantic life, he finds his friends becoming more and more irritated with him. Gio puts on a cabaret.

  • History - S2: E6 - "Last Chance"

    Episode 6

    Jamie considers entering into a new relationship and decides whether to leave yet another friendship in the past.