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3 Seasons

2016 - 2019 | US
'History' follows Jamie, a thirty-something gay New York lawyer, in the days after a messy breakup with his partner of five years, Jared. Through flashbacks, the audience watches Jamie’s evolution—or lack thereof—on issues of intimacy, sex, gender role conformity and friendships as he rebuilds his life on his own terms.

Director - Jack Tracy

Starring - Jack Tracy, William Cohen, Carissa Fales, Rob Maitner

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  • History - S3: E1 - "Bad Thoughts"

    Episode 1

    One year later, Jamie, Will and Matthew are all in relationships. Jamie's mother comes to town for a visit and triggers concern with a passing comment.

  • History - S3: E2 - "Good Gay Sons"

    Episode 2

    Jamie gets surprising news from his sister and heads with the boys to visit Mack at Penn State. Mack's behavior and appearance cause concern.

  • History - S3: E3 - "Liar"

    Episode 3

    Jamie's plans to confront Mack on his behavioral changes are blown up leading to a rift. The boys go on their cabin retreat and Mark reminds Jamie of Brandon's "expectation."

  • History - S3: E4 - "Confrontation"

    Episode 4

    Jamie instantly dislikes Kevin's rude work friend at a house party, but is kept from putting him in his place. Will asks for advice and Jamie recalls the inciting incident of his split with Jared.

  • History - S3: E5 - "Advocate"

    Episode 5

    Following Kevin's party, Jamie finds himself back in therapy while Will uncovers why he isn't "all in" with Kevin.

  • History - S3: E6 - "Companion"

    Episode 6

    Jamie and Will head to Jamie's childhood home for a family gathering and confronts his mother.