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3 Seasons

A series about learning from your past and finding your tribe.

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  • History - S3: E1 - "Bad Thoughts"

    Episode 1

    One year later, Jamie, Will and Matthew are all in relationships. Jamie's mother comes to town for a visit and triggers concern with a passing comment.

  • History - S3: E2 - "Good Gay Sons"

    Episode 2

    Jamie gets surprising news from his sister and heads with the boys to visit Mack at Penn State. Mack's behavior and appearance cause concern.

  • History - S3: E3 - "Liar"

    Episode 3

    Jamie's plans to confront Mack on his behavioral changes are blown up leading to a rift. The boys go on their cabin retreat and Mark reminds Jamie of Brandon's "expectation."

  • History - S3: E4 - "Confrontation"

    Episode 4

    Jamie instantly dislikes Kevin's rude work friend at a house party, but is kept from putting him in his place. Will asks for advice and Jamie recalls the inciting incident of his split with Jared.

  • History - S3: E5 - "Advocate"

    Episode 5

    Following Kevin's party, Jamie finds himself back in therapy while Will uncovers why he isn't "all in" with Kevin.

  • History - S3: E6 - "Companion"

    Episode 6

    Jamie and Will head to Jamie's childhood home for a family gathering and confronts his mother.