Honest Men

Honest Men

10 Episodes

2017 | US
Prepare yourself for an open and honest conversation between fathers, their sons, and the boy next door.

Director - Tyson Anthony

Starring - Tripp Ali, Donta Hensley, Gary Lavard, David K. Price

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Honest Men
  • Honest Men - E1 - "This Is Mark"

    Episode 1

    Prepare yourself for an open and honest conversation between fathers, their sons, and the boy next door.

  • Honest Men - E2 - "Grad Party"

    Episode 2

    JT has an exchange with his son regarding his future grad party but they end up mostly focusing on their shaken past. And after being cooped up in the house for three days Colby finds a reason to step outside for a bit – Mark. A visit to his neighbor’s place leads to new beginnings for both of th...

  • Honest Men - E3 - "Hi Daddy"

    Episode 3

    We know so little about Colby but slowly his life before his father's death is starting to creep up on him - old friends who can only wonder where has he gone? But for now, Colby is focused on having beers with Mark. And Colby's teenage antics with Mark's son Andre is brought up as a topic. As fo...

  • Honest Men - E4 - "Face"

    Episode 4

    It's time to face the honest truth - JT has a problem and it's deadly. Addiction is a lonely drug. And that's why it's always good to have people in your life to turn to, but in JT's case there doesn't seem to be anyone around for him. Colby on the other hand has Mark to help him through his mour...

  • Honest Men - E5 - "Over The Border"

    Episode 5

    It's time we travel a bit south and we meet Dorian. Dorian is handling some business. Let's allow him to unwind for a bit as we return to the honest men who we have grown to love back in the suburbs. Their long nights are coming to an end and a new day is upon us. And visitors from all over are c...

  • Honest Men - E6 - "Morning Calls"

    Episode 6

    Some say life can be so mundane in the suburbs and then they met these honest men. It’s the morning after a very long night and its time to get back to the routine. Mark is focused on some repairs around the home, JT has put away the porn for now to focus on his lawn care business, and Colby’s co...

  • Honest Men - E7 - "Big Brother"

    Episode 7

    Both JT and Mark can agree on one thing - they are far from receiving the father of the year award. The two men confide in each other over some of their past mistakes. And we see Andre push the boundaries of a Bromance when he learns that Colby is gay. And Solo pops up once again to pay Colby a v...

  • Honest Men - E8 - "Workout"

    Episode 8

    It's been a long time coming - but for the first time all three honest men find themselves in a room together; how will Colby and JT's first meeting go?

  • Honest Men - E9 - "Laxantes"

    Episode 9

    The end is near - another long day approaches an end in the suburbs. JT and Colby get close after a honest talk about marriage, an asshole, and addiction. And we travel back to witness Andre make his friendship with Colby even more confusing.

  • Honest Men - E10 - "Ho"

    Episode 10

    It’s time for some truth. A lot of it. It’s been a long journey – but we are only at the start of this story.