3 Seasons

Since working as an adult film star and escort since his early twenties, Ryan Crosby, aka Rod Driver, has had a pretty easy life. But what happens when you hit forty and the clients aren't calling as much as they used to and doing porn has, well...lost its appeal?

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  • Hustling - S2: E1 - "Old Habits"

    Episode 1

    Ryan has trouble focusing on the job. A client gives him some perspective. Ryan and Liv reunite on a gig.

  • Hustling - S2: E2 - "After Taste"

    Episode 2

    Ryan meets with his estranged mother Lena and tries to connect with her. Jay asks Ryan for a favor; and Geoffrey tries to get a little closer to Ryan.

  • Hustling - S2: E3 - "Chairo Paceno"

    Episode 3

    Ryan gets some cooking tips and family advice from his land lady, Rosa; Liv gets a reality check from Joel; Lena tries to understand Ryan's love of cooking and Ryan visits his agent Don Dixon to talk about his 'plan'.

  • Hustling - S2: E4 - "Open Door"

    Episode 4

    Ryan gets a repeat visit from Dr. Gabe Bermudez and then meets up with anther client who takes him someplace unexpected where he meets Boyd and Catherine, a married couple who mistake him for someone else; Liv feels the pressure.

  • Hustling - S2: E5 - "Hunger Pangs"

    Episode 5

    Ryan and Liv deal with some relationship issues. Rosa makes a surprise visit and bearing gifts. Ryan works at an Acropolis Party and commiserates with fellow porn actor Julien Massi.

  • Hustling - S2: E6 - "G and T"

    Episode 6

    Ryan tries to open to Jay about his relationship with Liv and some other thoughts he's been having. Jay springs some surprising news on him. Ryan gets an unexpected visitor and spends an unlikely afternoon experimenting before receiving a phone call from a treatment counselor who gives him some n...

  • Hustling - S2: E7 - "Laundry"

    Episode 7

    Ryan visits his mother Lena and gets a dose of reality from her treatment counselor Lorraine Munson. Liv has second thoughts about her future but her gal pal Charlie keeps her in check. Julien Massi has a few friends over; Ryan finds comfort in Rosa.

  • Hustling - S2: E8 - "Chateau Margaux Bordeaux, Part Un"

    Episode 8

    Ryan expresses some relief to his client, Dr. Gabe Bermudez. Jay takes a meeting with Ryan's porn agent Don Dixon while Geoffrey uses Ryan as his sous chef on a job. Liv takes Charlie to Joel's house in the Hamptons where she gets an unexpected surprise.

  • Hustling - S2: E9 - "Chateau Margaux Bordeaux, Part Deux"

    Episode 9

    Ryan confronts Liv about her secret life. Geoffrey feels the pressure as he struggles to prepare dinner for Joel and Liv. Charlie has her own agenda.

  • Hustling - S2: E10 - "Jesus"

    Episode 10

    Ryan gets some surprising news from Lorraine Munson when he goes to visit his mother Lena. His ex career counselor/client Mitchell tries to get him back on his feet. Liv makes a decision; Jay starts a new career and Ryan negotiates a deal.