3 Seasons

Since working as an adult film star and escort since his early twenties, Ryan Crosby, aka Rod Driver, has had a pretty easy life. But what happens when you hit forty and the clients aren't calling as much as they used to and doing porn has, well...lost its appeal?

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  • Hustling - S3: E1 - "Gigolos"

    Episode 1

    In the season three premier, while being interviewed by a writer for Paper magazine, Ryan recounts a highlight from his porn career and wonders if he'll ever be able to really put the past behind him. Geoffrey offers some sound advice.

  • Hustling - S3: E2 - "Rope Burn"

    Episode 2

    Ryan and Catherine discuss their business arrangement. Liv tries to work on her marriage troubles with Joel; Geoffrey seeks escapism.

  • Hustling - S3: E3 - "Sugar"

    Episode 3

    Jay has a proposition for Ryan. Ryan gets a surprise guest at his supper club that makes for an awkward evening. Rosa gets caught off guard.

  • Hustling - S3: E4 - "Guts"

    Episode 4

    Rosa questions Ryan's mother Lena's motives. Simon takes Ryan out for drinks to get more information for his article where Ryan bumps into Catherine and her brother. Liv tries to seduce Joel; Julien is feeling left out and Charlie shows up with a baggie.

  • Hustling - S3: E5 - "Oops"

    Episode 5

    Ryan gets a warning from Catherine. Jay goes on an out-call, Geoffrey tries to connect with Ryan; and Ryan takes Julien to a birthday party at Liv's where there is more than one awkward moment and a secret is revealed.

  • Hustling - S3: E6 - "Smack"

    Episode 6

    Ryan returns home after rescuing Jay from a predicament to find Julien not too happy with his relationship with Ryan. Rosa spells out the details of her proposal, with the help of Ryan's mother Lena. Geoffrey arrives late to work after spending some time with a trick. Joel receives some interesti...

  • Hustling - S3: E7 - "Pumpkin Seeds"

    Episode 7

    Ryan and Geoffrey deal with the aftermath of their awkward moment. Ryan recalls another event from when he first meets Jay. Liv puts her plan into action while Simon digs up more dirt.

  • Hustling - S3: E8 - "Bamboozled"

    Episode 8

    The Paper Magazine article featuring Ryan sets off a chain of events for everyone.

  • Hustling - S3: E9 - "Shit Happens"

    Episode 9

    The award winning series comes to an end. Ryan tries to pick up the pieces after he winds up back in his old apartment. A cheap client gets on his nerves. Julien provides some comfort; Ryan confronts Jay. Ryan and Rosa make a big decision.