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I Am Love

I Am Love

10 Episodes

The lives of Brazilian contemporary adolescents, their relationships, conflicts, crushes and affections in a complex and gender fluid world.

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I Am Love
  • I Am Love - S1: E1 - "Always Come Back"

    Episode 1

    Robson and Marcelo leave the countryside to live with their grandmother in one of Brazil's major cities. As Robson begins to experiment with new opportunities and possibilities, Marcelo is still trapped in his old way of life. The two brothers are not getting along well. Something serious just ha...

  • I Am Love - S1: E2 - "The Future Does Not Exist"

    Episode 2

    Robson starts to understand the new city and realizes that bullying and sexual violence are everywhere. At his grandmother’s home, new friend Sara shows up as his new ally, but his relation with brother Marcelo doesn’t get any better.

  • I Am Love - S1: E3 - "Atena"

    Episode 3

    In a moment of self-awareness, Robson investigates gender issues when visiting a LGBTI+ group. Before the mirror, his doubts and contradictions reverberate in thoughts and actions that are a one-way ticket.

  • I Am Love - S1: E4 - "Take Care"

    Episode 4

    Worried about the possibility of Robson taking hormones, Marcelo asks his parents for help. Meanwhile, his brother continues to enjoy the city in the company of his friend Sara. But unexpected news will get in his way tonight.

  • I Am Love - S1: E5 - "The Presence of Absence"

    Episode 5

    Robson lives a conflicted day. The thought of his father's presence in town frightens him. Wandering the city, Robson has to deal with the dilemma of whether or not to return home and face his dad. He meets Afranio for the first time.

  • I Am Love - S1: E6 - "Phoenix"

    Episode 6

    A jungle party takes place at Dalva's house. The new friends of Robson are having fun. Marcelo is the only one who doesn't enjoy the party. Afranio shows up and Robson has great expectations.

  • I Am Love - S1: E7 - "Where Do You Look?"

    Episode 7

    Solange, the mother of the boys, arrives in town for Dalva’s birthday party. She goes to the clinic to talk to Helen. Robson still lives the complexity of his identity. Solange wants her boys to move back to Luisburgo. Surprised by her decision, Marcelo and Robson are on the same side of the game...

  • I Am Love - S1: E8 - "Inside the Box"

    Episode 8

    Luisburgo still crosses the memories of Robson. Solange returns to Luisburgo alone. With a very weak vision, Dalva decides to face her illness and has the support of her grandson Robson. Sara and Marcelo get closer.

  • I Am Love - S1: E9 - "Identity"

    Episode 9

    Marcelo returns to his origins and enjoys a party with friends from Luisburgo. But the longing hits hard. Robson confronts his identity and does not want to give up freedom. A party at Dalva's house is a good idea, but Afrânio runs away from Robson. Marcelo talks to Sara about his feelings for he...

  • I Am Love - S1: E10 - "Soul's Knife"

    Episode 10

    Robson and his friends perform to Gal and she hates it. Marcelo and Robson wait for their father to come for lunch. Robson, in a gesture of courage, decides to leave without fearing the consequences. Marcelo, Sara and their friends are worried. Robson does not appear at the school's final present...