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I Am Syd Stone

I Am Syd Stone

6 Episodes


While shooting a film in a small town, a famous actor puts his personal life and career in jeopardy by starting an intense affair with another man.

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I Am Syd Stone
  • I Am Syd Stone - S1: E1 - "Pilot"

    Episode 1

    For a while, Syd Stone was the Hollywood "It boy". Now, he's shooting a crummy little movie-of-the-week in a small town. One night after work, he meets an attractive young lawyer in the hotel bar who reawakens feelings which had long laid dormant.

  • I Am Syd Stone - S1: E2 - "Catalyst"

    Episode 2

    After last night's intense connection and subsequent interruption, Syd is shaken as he reports to set for work. Upon his return to the hotel, however, he gets a chance to finish what he started.

  • I Am Syd Stone - S1: E3 - "Shell-Shocked"

    Episode 3

    In the aftermath of a night of passion with Matt, Syd experiences a wave of intense guilt. But his attraction to him is undeniable. Upon leaving for another day on set, Syd runs into the last person he ever expected to see.

  • I Am Syd Stone - S1: E4 - "Catch and Release"

    Episode 4

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Syd is finally forced to come clean to Rachel, to the detriment of their relationship and, potentially, his career.

  • I Am Syd Stone - S1: E5 - "History Repeating"

    Episode 5

    Wrestling with the guilt and shame of his actions, Syd has a meltdown on set, which leads to a deeply unsettling revelation about his past.

  • I Am Syd Stone - S1: E6 - "Tell-all"

    Episode 6

    Now fifteen months later, Syd prepares for an on-camera interview with one of the industry's hardest hitting journalists. What ensues is a roller-coaster of revelations that will ultimately change Syd's life - for the better.