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I'm Fine - Season 3

I'm Fine - Season 3

8 Episodes

2019 | US
In the third and final season of the Dekkoo-original series, Nate has at last put Joey behind him and moves forward in his career and friendships. That is, until an opportunity presents itself that makes him question everything he knows about L.A. All the while Jeff, Andy, Nicole and Mick navigate what it is they want and need in order to finally feel...fine.

Director - Brandon Kirby, Will Branske, Andrew J. Ceperley, Jennifer DeFilippo, Perry Powell

Starring - Perry Powell, Lee Doud, Richard Stokes, Ulysses Morazan, Brittney King, Frankie Rodriguez, Will Branske

I'm Fine - Season 3
  • I'm Fine - S3: E1 - "Total Top"

    Episode 1

    Mick returns home from a night of drinking with his roommates Chanel and Patty; when a Grindr hookup comes over, Mick is forced to fend off some toxic masculinity; an unexpected call from Nate comes in.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E2 - "Oh, Honey"

    Episode 2

    Jeff and Zachary deal with the pains and pleasures of moving in together; Nicole continues settling in to her new job thanks to Julia...and becomes distracted by the alluring Marina.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E3 - "All About Jeff's Mother"

    Episode 3

    Jeff brings Zachary to meet his mom back home, now on her way to recovery; while there, Zachary unearths some hidden insecurities even Jeff isn’t ready to face.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E4 - "Engagement Party”

    Episode 4

    Mick goes on a series of bad dates, which unfortunately ends with Joey’s old flame Stephen; Andy and Cole attend a very special Stranger Twinks party and run into Brian...

  • I'm Fine - S3: E5 - “Un Chien Andalou”

    Episode 5

    Nate and Andy serve “lewqs” to attend a mysterious east side party, but en route they trip a little too hard; Nate bumps into Jeff, and Andy makes a decision about Brian.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E6 - "Daddies Doubled Down"

    Episode 6

    During a Sunday Funday outing, Nate and Mick each strike up a conversation with men of a certain age; Mick turns from student to teacher, while Nate meets Harrison, a potential love interest.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E7 - "Headlock"

    Episode 7

    Nate’s sister Sam comes to crash for the weekend; while out at a club, she meets a guy and brings him home to not-so-great results; Nicole receives news from Marina.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E8 - "What Are You Going To Do?"

    Episode 8

    Series Finale. After spending more time with Harrison, Nate gets an offer that makes him question his future in L.A.