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3 Seasons

In Kuntergrau, coming out is part of the past while sex and love is mundane. A group of five gay friends between 17 and 24 deal with everyday problems and experience the meaning of love, sex, and friendship.

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  • Kuntergrau - S3: E1

    Episode 1

    Even during his trip to Holland with his best friends Jan and Marcel, Leopold can think about nothing but his ex-boyfriend Lukas. Restless and lonely he wonders through the night, not knowing that his quick stop at a metro station will come at a high price.

  • Kuntergrau - S3: E2

    Episode 2

    While Jan struggles to cope with what he saw the night before, Marcel is trying to escape their painful reality with drugs. Oma Margarethe, who watches over Leopold, comforts Lukas who sees his ex-boyfriend for the first time laying in a coma.

  • Kuntergrau - S3: E3

    Episode 3

    Not available for his friends, Marcel bumps into 18-year-old Felix, while running from reality. Felix's fear of being HIV positive gives Marcel another excuse not to face Leopold's fate by dealing with a stranger's problems. While Oma Margarethe and Lukas watch over Leopold, Jan finds in his ex-b...

  • Kuntergrau - S3: E4

    Episode 4

    Marcel's escape from reality comes to an abrupt ending when Felix convinces him to visit his best friend at the hospital and confront his fears. Together with Lukas and Jan by his side he actually manages to step inside Leopold's room and overcome his fear.

  • Kuntergrau - S3: E5

    Episode 5

    For the first time since the attack on Leopold, all friends are reunited and talk about what happened. On their way home Noah and Jan get closer which leaves Jan with a bad conscience. Meanwhile Felix takes his first steps towards a new life accepting his diagnoses with the help of Marcel.

  • Kuntergrau - S3: E6

    Episode 6

    The world seems to stand still as Jan, Noah, Marcel, Lukas and Oma Margarethe put Leopold to his final rest. Anger, desperation and sadness make the friends get even closer and at the end it's the queer community which becomes a beacon of hope.