Making It Big

Making It Big

9 Episodes

2017 | Ireland
‘Making It Big’ is a reality series that follows the lives of seven friends, each with a unique connec-tion to the LGBTQ+ community, living abroad in Barcelona. While attempting to establish their ca-reers in a foreign land, their struggles coming of age and coming out in Ireland and Great Britain are revealed.

Director - Stuart Weafer

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Making It Big
  • Making It Big - S1: E1 - "Hola, Barcelona"

    Episode 1

    The series premiere introduces us to Stuart, an actor and fashion blogger; his best friend Sean, pop singer in pursuit of the perfect body; Niamh, a free spirit trying to move away from her past; Amy, a theatre actor determined to leave her stamp on the acting world; Roisin, the youngest of the g...

  • Making It Big - S1: E2 - "A Very Gay Christmas"

    Episode 2

    Its Christmas time in Barcelona, the group try and make it as festive as possible by going ice skating. Niamh confides in Sean some bad news she’s received. Stuart invites everyone over for a photoshoot. While Sean shoots a music video, we get an insight into his life in Ireland and coming out.

  • Making It Big - S1: E3 - "New Year, New Drama"

    Episode 3

    Sean and Niamh face off against their roommate after a series of arguments. Amy reveals some news she gets from home. Stuart struggles to find career inspiration. Emma reveals her very recent and very real struggles with coming out, while she and Abbie make a big decision in their relationship.

  • Making It Big - S1: E4 - "Wanted and Unwanted Guests"

    Episode 4

    Stuart and Sean’s old friend Karl comes to town and their catch up includes heavy drinking and heavy laughs but after he reveals all the acting work he’s been doing, Amy and Stuart lose confidence in what Barcelona has to offer. Sean has an album release party and leaves someone off the guest lis...

  • Making It Big - S1: E5 - "Bittersweet Sympho-Niamh"

    Episode 5

    The news about Niamh ripples through the group and erupts in divided opinions with almost everyone. Stuart and Amy travel to Tarragonna, during a break from apartment hunting, but Niamh remains the topic of discussion. While Abbie debuts a new song, Sean fills Emma in on everything going on and N...

  • Making It Big - S1: E6 - "Moving In and Moving On"

    Episode 6

    Stuart heads to the 080 Fashion Show for inspiration. Roisin returns to the group and lets Emma know where her and Niamh stand. Amy shows Stuart her new house to help her become more comfortable with the change as she gets ready to leave for Ireland to pack up her old life.

  • Making It Big - S1: E7 - "A Matter of Pride"

    Episode 7

    Its gay pride weekend in Barcelona, the group hits up the parade, where Stuart revisits his experiences growing up gay in Ireland. Sean gets new recording equipment and discusses his passion for music, while Amy returns from Ireland and lets everyone know she has made a big decision about her fut...

  • Making It Big - S1: E8 - "Bienvenido A Malaga"

    Episode 8

    The group is off to Malaga for a birthday to enjoy some sunshine. While some of the group discuss a big decision about moving somewhere new, Stuart and Emma catch up about how they’ve changed over the past year. Amy awaits some news from Ireland and Abbie delves into her coming out experience.

  • Making It Big - S1: E9 - "Make or Break"

    Episode 9

    In the season finale, Amy prepares to leave Barcelona for good and Emma prepares to move in with Abbie. Abbie and Roisin premiere their new song, which includes a revelation about Roisin. Sean receives a message from someone who didn’t think he’d hear from again. During a goodbye party for Amy, t...