Marque And Hector

Marque And Hector

5 Episodes

In a last ditch effort to save their extravagant lifestyle, a gay daddy enlists the help of his idiot houseboy in creating an online arts and crafts channel. Starring Miss Peppermint, Joslyn DeFreece and Linus Ignatius, this hysterically funny series aims to turn LGBTQ+ representation upside down, one episode at a time!

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Marque And Hector
  • Marque and Hector - S1: E1 - "Decoupage"

    Episode 1

    Marque invites a crew into his fabulous Chelsea brownstone and launches his viral new DIY arts + crafts channel. His first project? Transforming a beat up trash can into a gorgeous conversation piece. The only snag is his dumb-as-a-bucket houseboy Hector threatens to undo his perfectly laid plans.

  • Marque and Hector - S1: E2 - "People, Places and Things"

    Episode 2

    Marque's anger management coach Daffy (Miss Peppermint) comes by to help Marque with his next project -- reupholstering old sofa cushions using duct tape. When she takes a liking to Marque's houseboy, jealousy surges. But dastardly Daffy knows how to get what she wants...

  • Marque and Hector - S1: E3 - "Party N Play"

    Episode 3

    Hector invites a producer to check out their setup, in the hopes of selling their show to HGTV and getting into the big leagues. But there's a miscommunication somewhere along the way, as their special guest thinks he's walking into a slightly more naughty scenario.

  • Marque and Hector - S1: E4 - "Sand Witches"

    Episode 4

    After the disappointment of their last show, Hector rescues Marque from catatonic depression by taking him to the beach. Marque links up with his wicked stepmother to take back what's rightfully his -- the family fortune. Meanwhile Hector's eyes begin to open to his toxic relationship with Marqu...

  • Marque and Hector - S1: E5 - "Down the Rabbit Hole"

    Episode 5

    On Marque's 57th -- I mean, 50th -- birthday, he does a sound bath with his healer, who doses him with psychedelics. Marque continues to order Hector around, bringing him on his stroll through Central Park. The LSD kicks in and Marque goes primal, leaving Hector to clean up after his mess once ag...