Marriage of Inconvenience

Marriage of Inconvenience

7 Episodes

This Dekkoo-original comedy series follows Owen and Franklin, two total strangers with nothing in common – except the fact that they both happen to be gay men. When each of them enters into a witness protection program, they must pretend to be a happily married couple in order to hide their identities from the dangerous people who want them dead!

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Marriage of Inconvenience
  • Marriage of Inconvenience - S1: E1 - "Wrong Answer"

    Episode 1

    Entering witness protection, tight-laced former college professor Franklin and rough-around-the-edges former drug dealer Owen are paired as “husbands,” and the two opposites immediately clash. Diane, the federal marshal who is assigned to be their handler, reminds them that their lives depend on ...

  • Marriage of Inconvenience - S1: E2 - "Crime Victim Tinder"

    Episode 2

    After a rocky start to the relationship, Franklin begins the second day of their new life by insulting Owen, who leaves the house angry. Then, Franklin starts his first shift at his work-at-home job as a tele-helper. When Owen returns, he drunkenly reveals that he was coerced into a life of crime...

  • Marriage of Inconvenience - S1: E3 - "Where Are My Manners?"

    Episode 3

    When Franklin insists that their marriage will never include sex, Owen swipes right on his Manfindr app for some afternoon delight with nearby Lenny. Franklin walks in on them and is appalled. Worse yet, he’s invited the neighbors over for dinner and they’re at the door. Owen is shocked when Fran...

  • Marriage of Inconvenience - S1: E4 - "7:34 PM"

    Episode 4

    Dinner with the neighbors becomes a competitive sport as Owen and Franklin engage in a passive-aggressive battle for dominance. After the neighbors leave, tensions erupt as the new husbands argue over who is more unreasonable. But then Franklin gets some bad news from Diane, and Owen provides som...

  • Marriage of Inconvenience - S1: E5 - "Fire or Bleeding"

    Episode 5

    As they continue to get to know each other, Owen and Franklin reach an awkward truce. Owen tries his hand at painting and becomes convinced his lack of talent will blow their cover. Franklin thinks he sees his murderous stalker outside their house, and the pair go into “lockdown mode” in hopes of...

  • Marriage of Inconvenience - S1: E6 - "No Thank You"

    Episode 6

    After surviving lockdown, Owen realizes he’s falling for Franklin. But before he can act, Stewart, a handsome handyman, catches Franklin’s eye when he comes to fix their TV. At first, Owen jealously attempts to derail their new friendship, but then he comes to an unexpected realization. Meanwhile...

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