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Memories of Forgetting

Memories of Forgetting

6 Episodes

Two men who have an unacknowledged relationship five years ago meet each other during the pandemic. Will they finally have a happy ending or a mother's love get in the way to protect her son?

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Memories of Forgetting
  • Memories of Forgetting - S1: E1 - "#ConfrontingtheTruth"

    Episode 1

    Jim and Michael watch their unfinished film. Jim teases Michael if he had a hard on during the sex scene. Michael denies it. But the teasing progresses into a confrontation. Jim emphatically asks Michael, “Did you really feel harassed? Did I abuse you?”

  • Memories of Forgetting - S1: E2 - "#SeeingYouAgain"

    Episode 2

    Episode two traces back the day Jim meets Michael again while jogging on the grounds of a university. It also gives a glimpse of how the director and then young actor treated each other during the press conference of their ill-fated project. We see their dynamics. They are friends. More than frie...

  • Memories of Forgetting - S1: E3 - "#WhatWeAre"

    Episode 3

    The volatile moment leads to a passionate lovemaking. During the act, Michael is in control, almost choking Jim. They then drink, smoke weed, and talk like old friends. Michael ask, ‘When are we going back to normal,’ referring to the quarantine status of the metro. Jim answers that there is no g...

  • Memories of Forgetting - S1: E4 - "#WeTooHadDreams"

    Episode 4

    Jim and Michael continue reminiscing the past. They discuss their dreams before. Then, we are taken to the moment when Jim asks Michael if he really harassed him five years ago. And once again we learn that Michael, who had a girlfriend that time, had a hard time acknowledging the unspoken relati...

  • Memories of Forgetting - S1: E5 - "#ForMyMother"

    Episode 5

    After spending the night with Michael, Jim visits his mother, YVONNE, who lives in another unit at the same building where he lives. He patiently listens to his mother’s stories of her travels in Europe while employed by an Arab family overseas. Jim then proceeds with his daily routine, like writ...

  • Memories of Forgetting - S1: E6 - "#WeddingBells"

    Episode 6

    Michael goes back to Jim’s but in a weird twist, he sees Yvonne at the stairs. He leaves in a hurry and sends Jim a message that he is not coming anymore. Jim then discovers his mother’s dead body. After sometime, at a wedding, Jim and Michael meet again. After the tension-filled ceremony, how wi...