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Only Children

Only Children

6 Episodes

2018 | US
Four unique friends, all only children, rely on each other as a chosen family to get through the everyday ups and downs of adulthood.

Director - Danny Wascou

Starring - Wayne Wilcox, Keylor Leigh, Ji Bak, Tim Wardell

Only Children
  • Only Children - S1: E1 - "Playtime"

    Episode 1

    The gang gathers together in support of Daysha when she faces a personal tragedy. Ray has an awkward date that ends in an unexpected way.

  • Only Children - S1: E2 - "A Sorta Fairytale"

    Episode 2

    As Ray’s birthday party approaches, he must balance dealing with his larger-than-life father and catching feelings with Cooper. Daysha grows suspicious when Stephen hints at starting a family.

  • Only Children - S1: E3 - "Outlook Not So Good"

    Episode 3

    Daysha enlists the gang to help clean out her mother’s garage, but in the process, unearths some difficult memories. Molly worries about her rebellious daughter, Ella. Ray received an unexpected phone call.

  • Only Children - S1: E4 - "Vesuvius"

    Episode 4

    Mohammed struggles to be himself in the messed up world of dating. Ray wonders if he and Cooper are truly compatible.

  • Only Children - S1: E5 - "Science and Progress"

    Episode 5

    Molly is stunned when Ella is arrested, triggering memories from her own teenage years. Daysha discovers a secret about her parents. Ray’s love life becomes complicated when a man from his past reenters the picture.

  • Only Children - S1: E6 - "Past Lives"

    Episode 6

    Ray realizes that his love life is out of his hands. Daysha makes a decision regarding Stephen. Mohammed’s double life catches up with him. Molly’s first day teaching reveals an important moment from everyone’s past.