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3 Episodes

2016 | UK
'Queer as Folk' meets 'Skins' in this explosive new three-episode British comedy-drama, focusing on a group of gay twenty-somethings trying to work it all out – from writers Rob Ward (co-writer of critically acclaimed play 'Away from Home') and Lloyd Eyre-Morgan (winner of the Iris Prize for his acclaimed 2015 short 'Closets').

Director - Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

Starring - Rob Ward, Lloyd Eyre-Morgan, Daniel Wallace, Verity May Henry

  • Outings - S1: E1 - "Entrances and Exits"

    Episode 1

    Kane is dumped by Tom (again) during an intimate moment and moves back in with his mum (yet again). Will he ever find his place in the world or in the bedroom? Elsewhere, Kiegan is asked a question and Tim tells it as it is.

  • Outings - S1: E2 - "Best Man"

    Episode 2

    Kiegan continues to escape the pressure of his breakup and family the only way he knows how, but will he further alienate himself at his niece's christening? Kane starts dating and a blast from Tim's past makes Lucy doubt their future.

  • Outings - S1: E3 - "Happy Returns"

    Episode 3

    Tim throws a surprise 80's pop star fancy dress birthday party for Lucy, convincing her that recent difficulties are behind them. But is Tim really ready to get serious with her? Old friends and foes collide in the explosive season finale.