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Paper Boys

Paper Boys

6 Episodes

2018 | US
In a brash decision, Cole secretly moves to San Francisco under the guise of his straight best friend's engagement party. But when his friend, Daren, reveals his engagement was an accident, Cole uses the mysterious powers of a forgotten sketchbook to try to put both of their lives back on track, whatever the consequences.

Director - Curtis Casella

Starring - Kyle Cabral, Nathan Brown, Kai Liu, Sarah Elizabeth

Paper Boys
  • Paper Boys - S1: E1 - "Art & Life, Part I"

    Episode 1

    Follow Cole as he lands in San Francisco for his straight best friend's engagement party. But when Cole secretly plans to use the trip as an excuse to move to the City, he discovers his best friend, Daren, has a secret of his own, too.

  • Paper Boys - S1: E2 - "Art & Life, Part II"

    Episode 2

    After Daren and Rebecca have a heated discussion about Cole’s plans to move, Cole and Daren decide to explore San Francisco to mull things over. While they wander, Cole discovers that the old sketchbook Daren returned to him has mysterious powers, which leads them to run into Cole’s former flame,...

  • Paper Boys - S1: E3 - "Drawn Together Drawn Apart"

    Episode 3

    Cole realizes his power might actually be real, and shares his discovery with Charlie. When he goes out to explore how it works, Daren realizes that he may have bigger issues to handle.

  • Paper Boys - S1: E4 - "Party Lines"

    Episode 4

    Cole and Daren go to Max's party, where Cole wants to spend time with Max, but finds a rival for Max's attention. Meanwhile, Daren makes a friend of his own and opens up about his uncertainties.

  • Paper Boys - S1: E5 - "Outside the Lines"

    Episode 5

    As Daren and Rebecca prepare for the engagement party in the evening, Cole starts to rekindle his relationship with Max. However, after receiving some bad news himself, Cole tells Rebecca about Daren's doubts.

  • Paper Boys - S1: E6 - "Perspective"

    Episode 6

    Cole tries to use the sketchbook to fix the mess he's made. But when Rebecca kicks Daren and Cole out, Max saves the day and welcomes them into his apartment, where Cole realizes it may take more than his sketchbook to rectify things with Daren.