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9 Episodes

There’s something for everyone in this charming and refreshingly sex-positive new anthology series from Britain. Telling a brand-new, self-contained story with each episode, 'Patterns' follows numerous characters through various adventures as they search for love, sex and everything in between.

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  • Patterns - S1: E1 - "Reverse Catfish"

    Episode 1

    A hot guy is frustrated by the fact that he only finds people who date him because of his good looks. He hatches a plan that he believes will get someone to want him for his other attributes--he will place a profile on a dating app with a picture that makes him look much worse than reality--a rev...

  • Patterns - S1: E2 - "SuperBen"

    Episode 2

    A boy with a very active imagination fantasizes about his personal superhero who is a well-known sports celebrity. One day the superhero appears to the shock and consternation of the boy. Together they try to help the boy overcome a difficult situation in his life.

  • Patterns - S1: E3 - "Delivered"

    Episode 3

    The lockdown has driven everyone to insanity, especially Lionel. His regular diet of greens and sludge aren't enough to whet his appetite. After uncharacteristically ordering a pizza, Lionel's hunger grows but this time for Foster, the pizza delivery man. Lionel begins an unabashed journey to rec...

  • Patterns - S1: E4 - "Four Dates and a Humperdinck"

    Episode 4

    Liam decides it is time for his father, Preston, to come out of his shell. He organizes a series of dates for Preston, each more outlandish than the last. From conspiracy theorists, to horny teachers and world famous supermodels, Preston embarks on a journey that he will never forget.

  • Patterns - S1: E5 - "Breaking Fast"

    Episode 5

    As siblings, Mary and Vedrana have always been competitive; from playing the flute to having the same taste in men, these sisters butt heads continuously. As the Yom Kippur breaking fast dinner approaches, the sisters get ready to put on their fake game face. However, a recent development and a s...

  • Patterns - S1: E6 - "Room 103"

    Episode 6

    From the wrong milk in your latte, to skateboarders stopping traffic, to spotty teens not getting your drink fast enough, modern life can be full of annoyances. To some people this can be an excuse to lash out and create a scene--this always has consequences. Chantal, the star of Britain's fourth...

  • Patterns - S1: E7 - "Reality Bites"

    Episode 7

    When a man approaches you in a park usually no good comes of it and this is no exception. Foster, Christopher, and Kevin are induced to attend a shoot which they believe is a testing ground for a new reality TV show. However, this is not the case as the so-called Producer has different intentions...

  • Patterns - S1: E8 - "Entropy"

    Episode 8

    What if reality is not what it seems? What if all your life choices were dictated by an obsessed woman playing the organ? These are the profound questions that the characters have to confront when they are all unexpectedly thrown together in a house with no exit. Will they find it?

  • Dekkoo in Depth - Patterns interview with Rex Glensy and Rufus Shaljean