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People Like Us

People Like Us

2 Seasons

Following four gay men in Singapore, "People Like Us" is a poignant reflection and insightful look into the lives of Joel, Ridzwan, Rai, and Isaac navigating lust, love and life.

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People Like Us
  • People Like Us - S1: E1 - "The Scene"

    Episode 1

    It’s Friday night, possibly the most important day on the gay agenda for Joel, Ridzwan, Rai, and Isaac. "People Like Us" follows these four men as they navigate lust, love, and life.

  • People Like Us - S1: E2 - "Got Place?"

    Episode 2

    Joel and Ridzwan meet for a drink but things become complicated. Meanwhile, Rai chats and connects with Isaac.

  • People Like Us - S1: E3 - "Dates and Fun"

    Episode 3

    Rai goes on a series of dates with guys on Grindr, including Isaac. Will he be rejected or meet the man of his dreams? Meanwhile, Joel mopes over what happened in his bedroom with Ridzwan.

  • People Like Us - S1: E4 - "Past Times"

    Episode 4

    Joel and Ridzwan go on a proper date. Will their relationship blossom or hit a roadblock?

  • People Like Us - S1: E5 - "NSA"

    Episode 5

    Rai meets a guy for a movie but the date doesn't end well for him. Meanwhile, Ridzwan and Joel disagree about how their relationship should progress.

  • People Like Us - S1: E6 - "Looking, Seeking & Finding"

    Episode 6

    Joel drowns his sorrow about Ridzwan with his friends at the bars. Rai finds out something about Isaac which troubles him. Will Joel, Ridzwan, Rai, and Isaac find what they are looking for?