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Puntu Koma

Puntu Koma

6 Episodes

2019 | Spain
Arrate is an elderly woman who receives a phone call from the hospital: her son Koldo is in a critical condition. She arrives to the hospital and finds him on a coma. During her stay at the hospital she will soon begin to realize that she knows nothing about his son's life. (subtitled)

Director - Maru Solores

Starring - Iñake Irastorza, Mikel Ibarguren, Iñigo Gastesi, Enrike Amilibia

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Puntu Koma
  • Puntu Koma - S1: E1

    Episode 1

    Arrate arrives to the hospital and discovers his son, Koldo, who is in koma. She doesn’t knows what happened to him. Arrate meets Galder, roommate of Koldo, and both of them find a tatoo in Koldo’s wrist.

  • Puntu Koma - S1: E2

    Episode 2

    Gorka, a young down syndrome, arrives to the hospital and surprises Galder kissing Koldo, still in koma. He tells it to Arrate, who discovers his son is gay. Amaia, the doctor, tells the three of them they will have only 20 minutes per day for visiting Koldo, and must not be more than 2 people in...

  • Puntu Koma - S1: E3

    Episode 3

    Fatima, muslim friend of Koldo, comes to the hospital in order to visit him. Arrate does not accept his son’s social enviroment and cultural differences.

  • Puntu Koma - S1: E4

    Episode 4

    Galder finds some keys in Koldo’s jacket, and thinks his boyfriend could have some secrets. All the visitors have to coexist in the same room and we see the doctor watching them through hidden cameras in the room.

  • Puntu Koma - S1: E5

    Episode 5

    Juan, Koldo’s father (who abandoned him 15 years ago), arrives the hospital. During maintenance labors in the room, Fatima discovers the screen in which doctor where watching the hidden cameras, and see Koldo awake.

  • Puntu Koma - S1: E6

    Episode 6

    Fatima tells Arrate what she saw. Koldo wake up speaks with the Doctor about an experiment. His mother, his father and friends listen this conversation. And they understand the truth. Koldo was not in coma, it was an experiment.