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Queer Asia - Hong Kong

Queer Asia - Hong Kong

4 Episodes

Hong Kong is one of the most economically developed regions in Asia, with one of the fastest paced lifestyles in the world. In recent years, the LGBTQ community has become more hopeful, and started to stand for what they believe in. People work hard for a better future in this small city.

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Queer Asia - Hong Kong
  • Queer Asia - Hong Kong: E1 - "Living Proud"

    Episode 1

    In episode one, "Queer Asia - Hong Kong" invites writer and host Cheuk Wan-chi to introduce her LGBTQ friends to us. We will hear about their unique journeys. Jun Lee, a rising film director, often writes about the various difficult situations gay people face in real life. He discusses his first ...

  • Queer Asia - Hong Kong: E2 - "A Tribute to Ellen"

    Episode 2

    On this second stop, Cheu Wan-chi brings us to People Mountain People Sea (record company), where one girl has accomplished many of her dreams here: Ellen Joyce Loo. the two of them meet for an insightful one on one. Ellen's face glows with love and happiness when talking about about her wife, he...

  • Queer Asia - Hong Kong: E3 - "Our Hong Kong"

    Episode 3

    Diversity is a key to Hong Kong. Yet, at the same time, there is an important gap between the different communities. A group of foreigners living in Hong Kong seek to know more about each culture and connect the different communities together. Marty is the main person behind this initiative. He h...

  • Queer Asia - Hong Kong: E4 - "Welcome to Our World"

    Episode 4

    In this last episode, we will meet the lesbian and transgender Filipino workers that live in Hong Kong. The Filipino workers have lived in Hong Kong for more than half of their lives, but we can still how they are still being mistreated in comparison with the Western immigrants. They serve many d...