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Queer Asia - Japan

Queer Asia - Japan

3 Episodes

2018 | Japan
In this three-part documentary series LGBT culture and issues are explored in modern day Japan. (subtitled)

Director - Takashi Nishihara

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Queer Asia - Japan
  • Queer Asia - Japan: E1 - "We are everywhere"

    Episode 1

    Asako Makimura, a lesbian writer, has a consistent theme to her work, "Listen to what can't be said but needs to be shared." She speaks up for the LGBTQ community while researching the dilemma and situation of Japanese queers in modern days. We also interviewed Natose, a lesbian YouTuber, Junko M...

  • Queer Asia - Japan: E2 - "LGBT Manga"

    Episode 2

    Japanese Manga culture is often considered "cool" in not only Japan but the entire world. In this episode, we interviewed two Manga artists. Gengoroh Tagame is arguably the most well-known in the manga industry. He specializes in depicting the "bears" of gay tribes. His work "My Brother's Husband...

  • Queer Asia - Japan: E3 - "Go-Go Dancers"

    Episode 3

    When it comes to Japanese nightclub culture, go-go dancers are the ones you cannot miss. Two go-go dancers of the opposite sex will be introduced in the episode. Sasuke, is one of the most popular male go-go dancers since he debuted last year; Yumika performs regularly at Tipsy, the biggest lesbi...