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Queer Taiwan

Queer Taiwan

4 Episodes


Director Gan Li Ling turns his camera lens to the island of Taiwan as he explores an emerging LGBTQ+ community and the challenges they face.

Queer Taiwan
  • Queer Taiwan - S1: E1 - "Back to the Start"

    Episode 1

    The animosity between the Equality Bees and the Family Guardian Coalition has worsened since the passing of the marriage equality bill. The supporters of the bill cannot accept the opposers’ views, and the latter seem unwilling to respect LGBT rights. In the end, what are they fighting for? As th...

  • Queer Taiwan - S1: E2 - "My Own Stage"

    Episode 2

    There are men who have jumped out of their gender boundaries and embraced “drag” all over Taiwan. But every drag queen sees this art differently: some are proud of being drag queens, some see drag shows as a profession and, then, there is a group of youngsters who do not want to be categorized.

  • Queer Taiwan - S1: E3 - "Seeing an Angel in the Dark"

    Episode 3

    “Hand Angels” was founded four years ago. Their arrival was a wake-up call making people start paying attention to the sexual needs of disabled people. More importantly, these “angels” have been long-awaited within the disability communities since their arrival could convey a deeper understanding...

  • Queer Taiwan - S1: E4 - "A Path to Happiness"

    Episode 4

    How hard is it to start a family? Whether it is a gay or straight family, people go to great lengths to achieve their dream. The appearance of surrogacy in Taiwan was supposed to be a turning point for gay couples. However, the surrogate is still illegal in Taiwan and in most parts of Asia.