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Single Record

Single Record

6 Episodes

2018 | US
Aaron, an up-and-coming young rapper, is starting to find career success. Unfortunately, his rise is tempered by a volatile music industry, his dangerously jealous older brother and his own insecurities surrounding his sexuality.

Director - Marcello Peschiera, Nelson Moses Lassiter

Starring - Bryan Fitzgerald, Wilson Christopher, Yonathan Elias, Carl Ellis Grant

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Single Record
  • Single Record - S1: E1 - "Pilot"

    Episode 1

    Kieran Davis recently lost his job at a record label and decides to freelance as a manager. He gets approached on the street by Aaron Hunter, a cocky hip hop artist selling CDs on the street. After Aaron raps a few bars, Kieran offers to take him on as his new client. They forge a friendship as b...

  • Single Record - S1: E2 - "The Kiss"

    Episode 2

    Aaron’s apartment gets broken into and all of his original music is stolen. DJ Bizzy, Aaron’s producer sets him up with a boyband frontman turned solo artist, Harmon Vegas to cowrite a new song. Aaron feels Harmon is the reason why the record label isn’t pushing his career as strong as they shoul...

  • Single Record - S1: E3 - "Young Lovers"

    Episode 3

    Taken back by what transpired in the studio, Aaron stops talking to Harmon until Bizzy gets them back together. Harmon questions Aaron's fear and encourages him to embrace his truth. Kieran grows skeptical of Harmon's motives and learns the record label plans to drop Aaron and focus more on Harmo...

  • Single Record - S1: E4 - "I Never Want to See You Again"

    Episode 4

    Aaron admits he is dating Harmon by coming out to Shai whose response is not the good news he hoped for. Fearful of more rejection, Aaron goes on a radio show and lies about working with Harmon by taking full credit for writing his new song and claims he is dating his ex girlfriend, Reesa Evans. ...

  • Single Record - S1: E5 - "Call For Help"

    Episode 5

    After hearing Aaron lie on radio show, Harmon breaks up with him. Shai takes Aaron’s stolen music and passes it off as his own. Bizzy is desperate for money and takes Shai on as a client. Reesa confronts Aaron and learns that he was dropped from his record label. Maxine signs Shai as her new arti...

  • Single Record - S1: E6 - "Finale"

    Episode 6

    Reesa reaches out to Harmon and admits that she knows the truth about their relationship. Aaron wakes up in his home with Kieran watching over him and learns that he blacked out. Kieran admits he already knew about his secret relationship. Bizzy learns that Shai’s music was plagiarized and promi...