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So Far, So Close

So Far, So Close

8 Episodes

2021 | US
'So Far, So Close' is an unfolding story about the worlds we create for ourselves when viewing life through a screen. Created, shot, and edited entirely remotely during the midst of a global pandemic, 'So Far, So Close' is a reflection of the world we live in, telling the stories of the barriers we build, the ones we choose, and how we’re all just hoping to connect.

Director - Brandon Kirby, Michael Varrati

Starring - Ben Baur, Clarke Wolfe, Navaris Darson, and Danny Plotner

So Far, So Close
  • So Far, So Close - S1: E1 - "An Ocean Away"

    Episode 1

    When the object of his affection moves to another country, Devon is committed to doing whatever he can to keep the love going strong. Unfortunately, it’s an endeavor that’s easier said than done.

  • So Far, So Close - S1: E2 - "Dress You Up in My Love"

    Episode 2

    When a popular cosplay influencer receives a message from a secret admirer, his world begins to unravel as he tries desperately to create the “perfect costume” to impress the mysterious stranger.

  • So Far, So Close - S1: E3 - "Seen"

    Episode 3

    The ever enthusiastic August thinks he’s made a real connection on a dating app, only to discover that often the waiting is the hardest part.

  • So Far, So Close - S1: E4 - "Watching You"

    Episode 4

    Cam’s sexy video chat business is booming, but things take a turn when he accepts an offer from a client who wants more than he’s willing to give.

  • So Far, So Close - S1: E5 - "The Icebreaker"

    Episode 5

    When Rayna’s job forces her to connect with a co-worker as part of a “mandatory” team building exercise, she finds that she’s met her match in EJ, a fellow employee who isn’t afraid to buck the system.

  • So Far, So Close - S1: E6 - "The Letter"

    Episode 6

    Connecting in a web therapy group, Marcus and Noah find solace in each other’s stories of loss...and the mysterious letter left behind by Marcus’s late partner.

  • So Far, So Close - S1: E7 - "Reunions"

    Episode 7

    Familiar faces return as it’s revealed how a seemingly unrelated collection of people intersect through life, love, and loss.

  • So Far, So Close - S1: E8 - "...and Resolutions"

    Episode 8

    Rayna and EJ confront their confusion and Devon learns a final lesson about what it means to truly connect.