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Soul Mate

Soul Mate

2 Seasons

While grieving the loss of his partner, Eliot decides to conspire with dark forces. He unknowingly unleashes a mysterious evil that connects him to a stranger.

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Soul Mate
  • Soul Mate - S1: E1

    Episode 1

    Eliot is gathering strange objects in preparation for a ritual to summon the spirit of his deceased partner. He unknowingly connects himself to a stranger.

  • Soul Mate - S1: E2

    Episode 2

    Bryan is suddenly having terrible nightmares. The dreams are so intense they are interfering with a new romance.

  • Soul Mate - S1: E3

    Episode 3

    Things are heating up between Bryan and Eliot, but the dark forces are getting dangerously close.

  • Soul Mate - S1: E4

    Episode 4

    Eliot confesses to Bryan the spell he has cast, and the revelation might be the end of the romance.

  • Soul Mate - S1: E5

    Episode 5

    Bryan finds the way out in the book of spells, but it could cost them both everything.