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Stranger Hearts

Stranger Hearts

5 Episodes

Three stranger's lives intertwine. A young black man is questioning his sexuality, A budding photographer is questioning their gender, and a wealthy gay man is questioning everything.

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Stranger Hearts
  • Stranger Hearts - S1: E1

    Episode 1

    Billy is rich and handsome with the perfect life but is about to face something unexpected. Meanwhile a struggling photographer named Luke meets Andre.

  • Stranger Hearts - S1: E2

    Episode 2

    Luke needs a job and options are running out. Billy gets news that will change his life forever.

  • Stranger Hearts - S1: E3

    Episode 3

    Luke experiments with an escort service. Billy begins to accept his new fate.

  • Stranger Hearts - S1: E4

    Episode 4

    Luke changes their name to Luka. Luka and Andre get to know each other a little more. Billy prepares for the inevitable.

  • Stranger Hearts - S1: E5

    Episode 5

    Andre finds the courage to be himself and Luka finally gets a break in the photography world. Meanwhile, Billy looks inward and sees the strength to move forward.