The Benefits of Gusbandry

The Benefits of Gusbandry

2 Seasons

2015 - 2017 | US
At her debaucherous 40th birthday party, serial relationship-killer Jackie meets handsome and charming thirty-something River-the perfect guy, who happens to be gay. Their ensuing adventures in self-medication, late-blooming, and questionable judgment lead them to discover a raucous new breed of primary relationship.

Director - Alicia J. Rose

Starring - Kurt Conroyd, Brooke Totman, Katie Michels, Andrew Harris

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The Benefits of Gusbandry
  • The Benefits of Gusbandry - S2: E1 - "Angry Orgasms"

    Episode 1

    Jackie gets sucked into a round of tequila-fueled competitive jigsaw puzzling, which leads to a disastrous night of hate-offing with her toxic ex-boyfriend, Lance.

  • The Benefits of Gusbandry - S2: E2 - "Wake & Break"

    Episode 2

    Jackie gets an STD fire drill and some safe-sex schooling from River while doing a free-lance job photographing an artisan weed brunch.

  • The Benefits of Gusbandry - S2: E3 - "STD Day"

    Episode 3

    Jackie and River head to the local Planned Parenthood clinic (where they have to wade through dueling protesters) to get tested for STDs, but what really gets put to the test is their relationship.