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The Circuit

The Circuit

4 Episodes

A digital series that explores the underground circuit community through the personal lives of different players within the scene, such as the DJs, dancers, entertainers, party producers and party goers (also known as "circuit queens").

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The Circuit
  • The Circuit - S1: E1 - "The Underground"

    Episode 1

    The stakes are high for two major players in the New York City Circuit scene who introduce us to the underground party, MEAT. The success of the event is dependent upon Nina Flowers, a legendary and resident DJ of the party, and Ian Frost, a fun-loving adult entertainer, whose antics off-stage ma...

  • The Circuit - S1: E2 - "World Pride"

    Episode 2

    Sam Gee dances on the stage at the biggest World Pride party in NYC, but reveals that he has greater aspirations in life. Joe Pacheco plans a one-of-a-kind song collaboration. Jake Resnicow, a prominent event producer, gives Alec Brian a chance to jump-start his budding DJ career.

  • The Circuit - S1: E3 - "COVID & the Rona Rave"

    Episode 3

    The Coronavirus pandemic brings nightlife to a halt, causing Joe Pacheco, Nina Flowers, Sam Gee, and Jake Resnicow to all suffer a major loss. Virtual parties become the new normal as the cast struggles financially and emotionally. Ian Frost and Alec Brian give in to the temptation and suffer the...

  • The Circuit - S1: E4 - "Utopia"

    Episode 4

    The cast attends Jake Resnicow's retreat, Utopia, one of the the first large-scale in-person events in the Greater New York area since since the pandemic began.