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The Third

The Third

6 Episodes

In this provocative, sexy new Dekkoo-original series, a young man enters into a passionate three-way relationship with an established gay Palm Springs couple… only to learn that “adding a third” could bring a whole new set of skepticism, jealousy and secrets.

Director - Matt McClelland, Bishal Dutta, Matthew Lynn

Starring - Sean McBride, Corey Page, Ryland Shelton, Fatimah Taliah

The Third
  • The Third - S1: E1 - "Pilot"

    Episode 1

    Pilot episode. Jason gets an invitation to spend Christmas in Palm Springs with Carl and David. He agrees, still unsure of their intentions.

  • The Third - S1: E2 - "Coming Out Again"

    Episode 2

    Jason struggles with how to tell his father that he is romantically involved with Carl and David. The triad moves into a new house.

  • The Third - S1: E3 - "In Deep"

    Episode 3

    The triad throws a pool party to celebrate their coming out. Jason introduces his friend, Katelyn, to Carl and David.

  • The Third - S1: E4 - "Skeletons and Closets"

    Episode 4

    The triad adjusts to their new reality. David settles an old score while Carl and Jason grow closer.

  • The Third - S1: E5 - "Isoceles"

    Episode 5

    The triad seeks the help of a quirky acquaintance who might not have the advice that they are looking for.

  • The Third - S1: E6 - "Gory Details"

    Episode 6

    Jason learns the truth about Carl and David’s troubled past. Carl spends time with his estranged son.