7 Episodes

Created by celebrated community strategist and social entrepreneur Dontá Morrison, adapted from his own novel ‘The End of the Rainbow,’ this 7-episode series pushes boundaries while intricately exploring the lives of Tyrin and Khalil, a Black, same-gender-loving couple who are thrown into a whirlwind of betrayal and heartbreak that threatens to unravel their seemingly perfect relationship.

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  • Thirty - S1: E1 "The Call"

    Episode 1

    Tyrin and Khalil start their day and make plans. A frazzled Craig frustrates Tyrin and annoys Tony. Khalil introduces the crew.

  • Thirty - S1: E2 "Unplanned Arrival"

    Episode 2

    The crew parties in San Francisco. Tyrin meets Darrion and gets some shocking news.

  • Thirty - S1: E3 "A Virgin, No Class"

    Episode 3

    Tyrin struggles to figure out the next steps. Kerrion shares a secret about his love life. Khalil is in the mood for his man.

  • Thirty - S1: E4 "The Golden Seed"

    Episode 4

    After the couple discuss Caleb, Khalil speaks with his dad and leans on Spencer. Tyrin turns to Craig who gives advice like only Craig can.

  • Thirty - S1: E5 "Kerry's Pride"

    Episode 5

    Tyrin, Khalil, and Darion visit the doctor, while Kerrion introduces his new man to the group, which sparks a debate.

  • Thirty - S1: E6 "Tainted Prayer"

    Episode 6

    Khalil sees an old friend, while Victor gives Khalil some fatherly advice. Tyrin gets some news that shatters everything.

  • Thirty - S1: E7 "Bombs in Paradise"

    Episode 7

    Khalil and Tyrin deal with the aftermath of the news which results in a series of unexpected confrontations.