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6 Episodes

2015 | US
A funny yet poignant exploration of monogamy in gay life. 'Three' is the story of a relationship between two men where the thrill is gone but the love remains.

Director - Jeff Swafford

Starring - Justin Hand, Kevin Thornton, Daniel Mark Collins, Derek Whittaker

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  • Three - S1: E1 - "The Worst Party in the History of the World"

    Episode 1

    Dylan and Patrick struggle with the revelation that they need a little help in their relationship and Dylan isn't quite convinced that Patrick's suggestion of adding another person is the answer.

  • Three - S1: E2 - "Mr. Hot Bottom"

    Episode 2

    Dylan and Patrick scan the web for candidates for their first three-way but they have trouble deciding on the best person to choose.

  • Three - S1: E3 - "Think With Your Dick"

    Episode 3

    Patrick is gung-ho about finding new partners to have sex with while Dylan wants to slow it down. But Patrick has already invited Jason, a new acquaintance he met at the gym, over for the evening and he convinces Dylan to just go along with it.

  • Three - S1: E4 - "Getting To Know You"

    Episode 4

    After a night together, Dylan and Jason get to know one another the next morning while Patrick sleeps.

  • Three - S1: E5 - "A Good Train Wreck"

    Episode 5

    Patrick's brother is in town and comes over for a visit. Things take a turn when the brother is introduced to Jason and old rivalries and jealousy rise to the surface.

  • Three - S1: E6 - "Get Out!"

    Episode 6

    Dylan tries to convince Jason to stop coming over and all hell breaks loose when Patrick finds out.