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Treading Yesterday

Treading Yesterday

8 Episodes

If there were a way to go back in time and correct the one thing you’ve come to regret, would you, could you and should you? Eric already decided... he just didn’t tell anyone. Flashing back and forth between the 1980s and the present day, this binge-worthy new series looks at the regrets of one man and how the gay community has changed over the past several decades.

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Treading Yesterday
  • Treading Yesterday - S1: E1 - "Silent Night, Ubiquitous Light"

    Episode 1

    It all begins during the week before Christmas, Eric and his friends gather to acknowledge friends, past and present. Eric is reminded of his life's greatest regret and sets out to correct it.

  • Treading Yesterday - S1: E2 - "Stray Off the Beaten Path"

    Episode 2

    Eric and Christian regroup after an extended weekend bender. Eric is shown that tolerance doesn't equal acceptance while Andrew and his team welcome Eric to his new job.

  • Treading Yesterday - S1: E3 - "By All Means Necessary and Ribbed"

    Episode 3

    Will and Luke connect over their mutual connection to Eric. Andrew challenges Eric to understand his relation to the Gay community and its continuing struggle while Eric and Patrice organize for Gay & Lesbian equality. Christian strikes out on a quest while Eric is rescued by an unlikely hero an...

  • Treading Yesterday - S1: E4 - "The Case for Dermal Denticles"

    Episode 4

    Supporters of Gay discrimination organize to threaten City hall while promoting their own moral-choice candidate in the mayoral race. Luke offers to help Will with an important project while Eric gets checked out with the help of a friend. Eric's unlikely hero isn't exactly what he seemed.

  • Treading Yesterday - S1: E5 - "City of Lights with a Side of Chow Mein"

    Episode 5

    Will tests his project with positive results while Andrew shares alarming news with the team. Alex shines in his new career while friends back home celebrate Aiden's birthday in Eric's absence. Robert is welcomed by Andrew and his team with open arms.

  • Treading Yesterday - S1: E6 - "The Pitch, a Hit and a Run"

    Episode 6

    Christian reaches the promised land. Will is urged to take his project public while he and Kayla receive unexpected news. The Mayor declines the endorsement of the Gay & Lesbian community and the assistance of Andrew's team as the race tightens. Will's project is well received with a little h...

  • Treading Yesterday - S1: E7 - "When All Stars Are Aligned"

    Episode 7

    Eric becomes an unlikely spokesperson for Gay & Lesbian equality while Will's business meeting heats up. Elicious works it from the inside while Eric and Alex fall out over Christian and Aaron steps in. The mayoral race takes a wild turn.

  • Treading Yesterday - S1: E8 - "Bed of Sorrows, Tree of Life"

    Episode 8

    Will receives welcome news while Christian bets on the wrong horse. The mayoral election results are in while Andrew makes Eric an offer that he can't refuse.