Twenties: The Series

Twenties: The Series

9 Episodes

2014 | US
Three guys with vastly different personalities move in together and try to overcome the anxieties, pressures, and heartbreaks of the twenties.

Director - Sean Willis

Starring - Chris Lamica, Russell Nauman, Michael Huntsman, Dana Buchanan

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Twenties: The Series
  • Twenties - S1: E1 - "Move In Day"

    Episode 1

    After falling on hard times, Cameron and Brad reach out to their best friend, Ryan, for a place to stay. They soon find out that living together will be much different than they originally thought.

  • Twenties - S1: E2 - "Finding Hope"

    Episode 2

    Sensing the tension in the apartment, Ryan forces Brad and Cameron to go on a "date". Ryan and Alex continue to argue over Ryan being open about his sexuality. And a surprise late night guest gets ambushed.

  • Twenties - S1: E3 - "Keeping Secrets"

    Episode 3

    When Hope comes back to the apartment, Brad tries to charm her into a date. Cameron and his father fight over their jaded past, and a secret is revealed that threatens to tear the guys' friendship apart.

  • Twenties - S1: E4 - "It's All Uphill"

    Episode 4

    The guys agree to go on blind dates where they meet an interesting cast of characters. Following a rough night with Alex, Ryan organizes a mini hiking adventure where the guys reveal their struggles and secrets.

  • Twenties - S1: E5 - "Gay Is Okay"

    Episode 5

    Realizing that Ryan has been hiding his sexuality his whole adult life, Cameron and Brad decide to throw him a 'Gay Is Okay' party to show that they care, but go slightly overboard in the process.

  • Twenties - S1: E6 - "New Beginnings"

    Episode 6

    After Cameron does a drive-by, Ryan and Brad decide to set him up on a date with Hope to lift him from his depression.

  • Twenties - S1: E7 - "The Scare"

    Episode 7

    When Britney spends a second night at the apartment, the guys sense something's up. Brad receives the scare of a lifetime. Cameron's ex confronts Ryan, while Hope and Cameron share another date.

  • Twenties - S1: E8 - "Combustion"

    Episode 8

    When Patrick returns to the apartment, Ryan tries to make a move on him. Brad squares off against the LAPD. And as Cameron and Hope are ready to take their relationship to the next level, an old flame returns and ignites house warfare.

  • Twenties - S1: E9 - "Picking Up The Pieces"

    Episode 9

    When Cameron moves out of the apartment, Ryan and Brad craft a plan to get back in Cameron's good graces by convincing Hope to talk to him.