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Set in the witty, cruelly comedic dating world of contemporary NYC, Wallflowers details the ensemble exploits of a tight knit group of jaded but hopeful Gen-X stragglers coping with the ecstasy and the agony of dating life - as members of a Manhattan support group for the hopelessly single. Self-described “dating guru” Janice Ackerman, has vowed to find love for each and every one of her students. Even if it kills them.

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  • Wallflowers - S1: E1 - "Square Pegs"

    Episode 1

    Meet the Wallflowers, a support group for "undateables." Led by relationship guru Janice, these losers in romance are determined to love, even if it kills them. Janice zeroes in on Bryce Hunter, former child star turned casting director, vowing to make him her pet project. Meanwhile, Daisy sets h...

  • Wallflowers - S1: E2 - "Fridays"

    Episode 2

    Find out how wallflowers spend their Friday nights. Rhonda gets relationship advice from the group. Todd's boyfriend Troy is hired by Hunter Casting right before he delivers some bad news. Charlie wants to leave the dorms and move in with Bryce.

  • Wallflowers - S1: E3 - "All-American Girl"

    Episode 3

    Daisy overdoes it on her first day working with Mark and finds competition for his attention from both Becca and Bryce.

  • Wallflowers - S1: E3.5 - "Meet the New Bryce Hunter"

    Episode 3.5

    Meet the New Bryce Hunter

  • Wallflowers - S1: E4 - "Hello, Larry"

    Episode 4

    Janice sets Bryce up on a disastrous blind date.

  • Wallflowers - S1: E5 - "The Partridge Family"

    Episode 5

    It's confession time as the group spends a boozy, smoky Saturday afternoon at Bryce's.