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4 Seasons

Set in the witty, cruelly comedic dating world of contemporary NYC, Wallflowers details the ensemble exploits of a tight knit group of jaded but hopeful Gen-X stragglers coping with the ecstasy and the agony of dating life - as members of a Manhattan support group for the hopelessly single. Self-described “dating guru” Janice Ackerman, has vowed to find love for each and every one of her students. Even if it kills them.

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  • Wallflowers - S2: E1 - "The Invaders"

    Episode 1

    Manhattan's hottest support group for the dating-challenged is back for Season 2. This year, our group has gone into relationship overdrive. Daisy and Mark have finally begun dating (albeit long distance), Martin volunteers to help his pregnant co-worker during Lamaze classes, newcomer Jane is se...

  • Wallflowers - S2: E2 - "The Match Game"

    Episode 2

    The Group welcomes a new member. Bryce and Alex go on a date. Jane reluctantly takes Janice’s advice and begins spending time with Fred.

  • Wallflowers - S2: E3 - "Super Friends"

    Episode 3

    Janice questions the group’s individual support systems when Daisy is criticized for her long distance relationship with Mark. Martin offers to help Nancy around the house, and Bryce hires a new assistant.

  • Wallflowers - S2: E4 - "Misfits of Science"

    Episode 4

    Janice discovers the joys of internet dating and forces the group to participate. Bryce signs up for the gay dating app “trickr,” Rhonda goes on a blind date, and problems develop between the partners at Hunter Casting when a filmmaker comes to Bryce with a surprising offer.

  • Wallflowers - S2: E5 - "V"

    Episode 5

    Daisy goes to Janice for advice about Mark. Martin and Nancy grow closer while Bryce and Jane get cold feet and Linus gets an offer he has to refuse.

  • Wallflowers - S2: E6 - "My Own Worst Enemy"

    Episode 6

    Jealousy is the topic of this week’s meeting (and episode). Martin looks for the perfect gift for Nancy’s baby, but meets her husband, instead. Bryce wants to hear more about Dan's offer, but Daisy gets in the way. And Mark finally returns home.

  • Wallflowers - S2: E7 - "Roar"

    Episode 7

    Daisy deals with the fallout from Mark’s return. Janice and Fred reveal some startling information about their relationship. Bryce comes to a decision. The group bands together to come to the aid of a friend in need.