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4 Seasons

2013 - 2016 | US
Set in the witty, cruelly comedic dating world of contemporary NYC, Wallflowers details the ensemble exploits of a tight knit group of jaded but hopeful Gen-X stragglers coping with the ecstasy and the agony of dating life - as members of a Manhattan support group for the hopelessly single. Self-described “dating guru” Janice Ackerman, has vowed to find love for each and every one of her students. Even if it kills them.

Director - Kieran Turner

Starring - Patch Darragh, Sarah Saltzberg, Gibson Frazier, Christine Tisdale

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  • Ask Janice - E1

    Episode 1

    Janice helps a man who finds love…at a family reunion.

  • Ask Janice - E2

    Episode 2

    Janice comes to the aid of a viewer whose husband’s facial hair has gone crazy bananas.

  • Ask Janice - E3

    Episode 3

    Does your mate like to get kinky in the bedroom? Janice has been there, done that and has the broken drumstick to prove it.

  • Ask Janice - E4

    Episode 4

    Janice slaps some sense into a viewer whose head is in the past.

  • Ask Janice - E5

    Episode 5

    Janice helps out a viewer whose boyfriend has a “small” problem.