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He's With Me

He's With Me

2 Seasons

2013 - 2016 | US
Ted is straight. Martin isn't. When they meet at Eddie's wedding and become friends, the ensuing confusion shows how little they all know about being modern day men and how much they know about being there for each other.

Director - Sebastian La Cause

Starring - Jason Cicci, Bradford How, Darcie Siciliano, John Thomas Cramer

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He's With Me
  • He's With Me - S1: E1 - "Stalling"

    Episode 1

    Martin meets Ted for the first time in the bathroom at Val and Eddie's wedding, while Benny watches unamused. Val tries to convince Martin to step outside his comfort zone; and Eddie gets an ear full from Ted after a few rounds of whiskey.

  • He's With Me - S1: E2 - "Take Me Out"

    Episode 2

    Valerie pops over to Martin's with a couple of unexpected guests. Martin resists Valerie's advice to reach outside of his comfort zone. Ted bumps into Martin on a lunch break.

  • He's With Me - S1: E3 - "Mandate"

    Episode 3

    Martin and Ted get unwanted advice from Val and Eddie as they each get ready to go to a Yankees game. Eddie and Val discuss looking for a new place to live. Benny invites Martin and Ted to an art exhibit.

  • He's With Me - S1: E4 - "Sexy Things"

    Episode 4

    Martin and Ted bond at a gallery exhibit. Val and Eddie have a disagreement over vaginas and Benny lends some helpful insight.

  • He's With Me - S1: E5 - "High Rise, High Noon"

    Episode 5

    Benny shows Eddie and Val a high-rise apartment a bit out of their price range. Ted wants advice on a thank you gift for Martin. Eddie is less than happy about Ted's "transformation" but Benny hatches a plan to bring peace.

  • He's With Me - S1: E6 - "Dude"

    Episode 6

    The gang gathers for dinner with a few unexpected guests. Ted worries about how his father will react to his friendships with Martin and. Ted's neighbor Glen is confused about Ted's living situation.

  • He's With Me - S1: E7 - "Ball Busting"

    Episode 7

    Martin receives some surprising news. Ted has troubles at work but finds solace in co-worker Henny Hernandez. Eddie suffers from the aftermath of being a hero at work and Benny tries to comfort Martin.

  • He's With Me - S1: E8 - "Real Babies"

    Episode 8

    Martin wakes up after a night of binge drinking with a house guest. Benny tries to fill in the gaps while Val drops by with some surprising news. Eddie and Ted try to cope with being a man.

  • He's With Me - S1: E9 - "Jealousies and Jobs"

    Episode 9

    Martin deals with writer's block. His relationship with Ted continues to strain while Ted gets closer to Henny. Benny tries to ignite Martin's memory; Eddie is weary of sharing good news with Martin and Val opens up to Henny about her pregnancy.

  • He's With Me - S1: E10 - "Danny Boy"

    Episode 10

    Ted gives Martin a long over due visit. Benny seeks some creative help. Eddie and Val struggle with impending parenthood and Henny is full of great ideas.