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He's With Me

He's With Me

2 Seasons

2013 - 2016 | US
Ted is straight. Martin isn't. When they meet at Eddie's wedding and become friends, the ensuing confusion shows how little they all know about being modern day men and how much they know about being there for each other.

Director - Sebastian La Cause

Starring - Jason Cicci, Bradford How, Darcie Siciliano, John Thomas Cramer

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He's With Me
  • He's With Me - S2: E1 - "Ginger Snap Out of It"

    Episode 1

    Ted's "ex" Julie shows up to wreak havoc with a big surprise while sharing quips with Val and Henny. Eddie tries to spare Benny heartache. Martin discovers that he's not a relationship person.

  • He's With Me - S2: E2 - "Release"

    Episode 2

    Val and Henny discuss future plans. Ted works on a big account. Eddie is feeling restless. Martin has a heart to heart with Benny.

  • He's With Me - S2: E3 - "Couching It"

    Episode 3

    Eddie finds himself searching for more meaning with the support of a professional.

  • He's With Me - S2: E4 - "Toking in the Boys Room"

    Episode 4

    Val visits Martin to vent her frustration about Eddie, with a little herbal assistance. Ted's client Lyle Pressman wants to be included on a casting session for his big campaign. Benny makes an uninvited entrance.

  • He's With Me - S2: E5 - "The Romance Department"

    Episode 5

    Martin shares some stories about his romantic past. Val is offered a unique opportunity by yoga student Naomi. Eddie and Chico meet Daniel and discuss professions. Benny has an epiphany. Martin receives an invitation from neighbor Dana.

  • He's With Me - S2: E6 - "Surprise Dinner, Part One"

    Episode 6

    Everyone prepares for a dinner celebrating Ted and Henny's engagement and welcoming Ted's parents...but the Adams come with a surprise.

  • He's With Me - S2: E7 - "Surprise Dinner, Part Two"

    Episode 7

    The Adams introduce their friend Barbie to the gang.

  • He's With Me - S2: E8 - "Lost Boys, Part One"

    Episode 8

    Ted seeks solace and spiritual guidance from a priest after learning that he was adopted and that Henny has been engaged before...a few times. Martin and Eddie get closer discussing their own spirituality.

  • He's With Me - S2: E9 - "Lost Boys, Part Two"

    Episode 9

    Martin and Eddie help Ted make it home safely, where Martin makes a startling discovery. Val has a heart to heart with Daniel.

  • He's With Me - S2: E10 - "Adult Men, Part One"

    Episode 10

    Ted has an important meeting with the owner of his firm while Martin is presented with a familiar career opportunity. Benny finds meaningful employment. Val finally confronts Eddie about his "little black book".

  • He's With Me - S2: E11 - "Adult Men, Part Two"

    Episode 11

    Martin finds success, inspired by his friends. Ted finally feels secure and surprises Henny after she chats with a nosy but friendly customer. Eddie and Val make another lasting commitment.