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I'm Fine

I'm Fine

3 Seasons

Cute, 20-something Nate isn’t hurting for dates. Even his best friend Jeff confesses his feelings in a moment of drunken vulnerability. Nate, though, is still hopelessly obsessed with his ex-boyfriend Joey. Poignant and funny, this brand-new Dekkoo-original series follows Nate as he tries to find closure and break himself out of romantic purgatory.

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I'm Fine
  • I'm Fine - S3: E1 - "Total Top"

    Episode 1

    Mick returns home from a night of drinking with his roommates Chanel and Patty; when a Grindr hookup comes over, Mick is forced to fend off some toxic masculinity; an unexpected call from Nate comes in.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E2 - "Oh, Honey"

    Episode 2

    Jeff and Zachary deal with the pains and pleasures of moving in together; Nicole continues settling in to her new job thanks to Julia...and becomes distracted by the alluring Marina.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E3 - "All About Jeff's Mother"

    Episode 3

    Jeff brings Zachary to meet his mom back home, now on her way to recovery; while there, Zachary unearths some hidden insecurities even Jeff isn’t ready to face.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E4 - "Engagement Party"

    Episode 4

    Mick goes on a series of bad dates, which unfortunately ends with Joey’s old flame Stephen; Andy and Cole attend a very special Stranger Twinks party and run into Brian...

  • I'm Fine - S3: E5 - "Un Chien Andalou"

    Episode 5

    Nate and Andy serve “lewqs” to attend a mysterious east side party, but en route they trip a little too hard; Nate bumps into Jeff, and Andy makes a decision about Brian.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E6 - "Daddies Doubled Down"

    Episode 6

    During a Sunday Funday outing, Nate and Mick each strike up a conversation with men of a certain age; Mick turns from student to teacher, while Nate meets Harrison, a potential love interest.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E7 - "Headlock"

    Episode 7

    Nate’s sister Sam comes to crash for the weekend; while out at a club, she meets a guy and brings him home to not-so-great results; Nicole receives news from Marina.

  • I'm Fine - S3: E8 - "What Are You Going To Do?"

    Episode 8

    Series Finale. After spending more time with Harrison, Nate gets an offer that makes him question his future in L.A.