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3 Seasons

Hicham runs away from his home and comes to Lyon, looking for Thibaut, a young man who tried to kiss him a few years earlier. Thibaut is an activist at the 'G-Spot', a LGBT Center. Hicham enters his world, apprehensive but enthusiastic. However, as Hicham begins a journey to find his own identity, he comes to understand that Thibaut isn't exactly who he appears to be.

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  • Woke - S2: E1 - "The Forgetting"

    Episode 1

    Hicham has not been back to the G-Spot since he left Thibaut. One evening, he meets Elijah in a bar, but Hicham fails to talk to him in time. Bastien decides to take things into his own hands and helps track him down.

  • Woke - S2: E2 - "Banish It"

    Episode 2

    Thibaut is summoned by the board of the G-Spot and by the district's Mayor. He must explain his recent actions. Can the G-Spot still be saved? Can he?

  • Woke - S2: E3 - "Disappoint Him"

    Episode 3

    At a gala evening at the Cabaret Bleu, Elijah comes on stage to reveal something that Hicham does not expect.

  • Woke - S2: E4 - "Free It"

    Episode 4

    The local LGBT bar owners react badly to the idea of a Pride march to fight for trans rights. Meanwhile, the G-Spot activists learn that Kenza has been arrested and is in custody pending her deportation.

  • Woke - S2: E5 - "Accompany"

    Episode 5

    The organization of the Pride march seems more compromised than ever after a decision of the Cabaret Bleu owner. Hicham comes to realize it's time to clear things up with Thibaut.

  • Woke - S2: E6 - "Accept"

    Episode 6

    Murielle faces a revolt of the editorial board of her feminist publication. They protest a cover-story centered on hijab-wearing Nadjet. Nadjet decides to come and deal with them face to face.

  • Woke - S2: E7 - "Understand It"

    Episode 7

    The G-Spot is accused of transphobia by a trans collective. They have organized a joint press conference with Thibaut. Hicham is shocked to discover that Elijah knew about it.

  • Woke - S2: E8 - "The Sponsor"

    Episode 8

    Thibaut tries to persuade the district's Mayor to help advance Kenza's asylum application. His actions will have completely unexpected consequences.

  • Woke - S2: E9 - "The Face"

    Episode 9

    The last preparations for the Pride march are in progress. Hicham realizes that the march's poster can be seen well outside the city of Lyon. He will have to face his past.

  • Woke - S2: E10 - "Bring Them Together"

    Episode 10

    The Cabaret Bleu owner's actions threaten to force the cancellation of the Pride march. Hicham turns to Thibaut. Is there still a way to reunite everyone around the trans cause?